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[Update: Available now] 'Ginger Gene' Android figure from Dead Zebra will be released tomorrow

Designer Andrew Bell is well known for his custom Android figures, which we have covered on multiple occasions. For this holiday season, he is getting ready to release a special gingerbread model, fittingly named 'Ginger Gene.'

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Children's card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is now live worldwide in the Play Store

If you went to middle school at the same time as me, you might remember Yu-Gi-Oh. It's that show about a kid with an alien starfish attached to his brain that makes him hallucinate about ancient Egyptian playing cards destroying the world. (That's how I remember it, anyway.) Amazingly the twenty-year-old franchise is still around, and quite a lot of people seem to be continuing to play the associated Magic: The Gathering-inspired card game - enough that Konami, otherwise more or less uninterested in non-Pachinko games, has released a new mobile version.

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Android Trickertreat Collectible Is Now Available For $10, Will Start Shipping On October 23rd

It's getting very close to the time of year when children dress themselves up as super heroes, princesses, zombies, and race car drivers, going door to door taking advantage of the one day when they are all entitled to receive candy. Most people that are swept up in the Halloween spirit will probably stick a jack o' lantern on the front porch alongside an inflated skeleton, but you, dear Android Police reader, are not most people. For you, there is an Android Trickertreat collectible available to prove to everyone that your favorite mobile OS is ready to adapt to every situation, including the holidays.

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Check Out This Amazing Collection Of Customized Android Figurines By Hitoshi Mitani

You're probably familiar with the Android vinyl figurines from Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra. They're nifty little collectibles that pay homage to the platform we all love. Some folks, however, take things more seriously. Rather than display the same collectables as everyone else, they employ their skills to modify and embellish the basic Android figures. One of these artists, Hitoshi Mitani, has been so kind as to post all of his amazing work online for us to see.



Mitani has dozens of projects listed, and you can click on any of them to get images and a brief description (be aware a number are actually from other artists).

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Celebrate The Year Of The Dragon With Dead Zebra's New Android Figurines

Xin Nian Kuai Le, or Happy Chinese New Year! Our favourite figurine maker Dead Zebra has decided to welcome in the Year of the Dragon by bringing to you a family of three Android mini-collectibles, representing Fortune (祿), Blessing (福), and Longevity (壽)!




These colourful figurines are the brainchild of British-born artist Andrew Bell, whose work includes illustrations, paintings, toys, and sculptures.

The Android mini-collectibles will be sold in sets of 3 for $29. You can pick them up from the Dead Zebra shop on Wednesday, January 25th from 11AM EST. A second batch will go on sale from 11PM EST, on the same day.

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