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Photos v1.5 Points To Collaborative Album Editing, Naming People In Photos, And Impending Chromecast Support [APK Teardown]

Google Photos may have started as a part of Google+, but since splitting into a standalone product, it has to move quickly to introduce new features and improvements to keep users engaged. The latest update to v1.5 didn't bring any visible changes to the app, but it does include evidence of some interesting changes we can look forward to in upcoming releases.

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Dropbox Adds Collaborative Comments In Version 3.0.1, But Nobody Cares Because Now It Does Native GIF Viewing

In the latest version, Dropbox adds a much-needed favor for collaborative teams and users who rely on effective communication across updated files. But who gives a crap about that, because the app has also added GIF support.


Version 3.0.1 lets you view animated GIFs right in Dropbox without popping out to an external app. That should be useful for... OK, it's not particularly useful for anything, except that one time that you need to instantly distinguish between the original and reverse of that one dog image when you attend a GIF party via your tablet. But now you can totally do that!

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Google Classroom To Get Collaboration, Assignment Drafting, And More

In its ongoing effort to make classrooms, well, more Googley, Google has a new batch of updates for its Classroom program today.

In a post to its for Education blog, Google has announced a handful of new features for Classroom, the most notable being collaboration. Now, educators can invite other educators to collaborate on a class, so other teachers can give students feedback, create assignments, make announcements, and participate in student discussions.

In fact, Google says, invited teachers can do almost everything the main teacher can do - "everything except delete the class."


Additionally, Google announced the new ability to save announcements and assignments as drafts, which should streamline the workflow of planning classes.

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35 Hits Version 2.0, Now Offers Premium Accounts For $5 A Month Or $45 A Year

It's challenging to differentiate yourself in a field crowded by the likes of Evernote, Todoist, and Wunderlist. All of these services can manage your lists just fine, and they can each sync across whichever devices you want them to. So what does have up its sleeve for its big 2.0 release?

This time, it's all about collaboration, as the team has expanded on how users share tasks. They want the service to be the tool you and your significant other turn towards to manage your shopping lists and other tasks that require you to be on the same page. Likewise, the team sees its app as the best option for other teams to use to get work done and stay organized.

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Box 3.5 Update Lets Users Mark Favorites, Manage Collaborators, and More

Box is a cloud storage provider that is challenging for the average consumer to get excited about. That's because while competitors chased around general users, Box kept its sights focused primarily on the enterprise market. Yet you don't have to be a business client to take advantage of the latest update, as the service is available for free to consumers as well.

Version 3.5 of Box brings in the ability to mark files and folders as favorites. This will make them reachable through an easily accessible page in the sidebar. This is one of those consumer-friendly features that Dropbox, Google Drive, and others implemented ages ago.

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Dropbox Acquires Cloud Photo Service Loom And Collaboration Tool Hackpad

The ladies and gents at Dropbox have big dreams - look no further than their recent expansion into email and photo gallery apps for evidence of that fact. And like any company with high aspirations, they're snapping up technology and the associated talent at a fast pace. In the last 18 months the company has bought e-readers, photo tools, and even a Craigslist-style marketplace. Today they've announced the acquisition of two more apps and the companies that make them.


Screenshot credit: Allyson Kazmucha,

The first, and probably the most pertinent to Dropbox's core service, is Loom.

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Todoist's 'Next' Update Introduces Visual Scheduling, New Collaboration Features, And More

Today the folks behind Todoist have announced the latest version of their capable task management offering: "Todoist Next." This new name comes with a complete rewrite of the software that improves integration across its 13 supported platforms. Yet for us Android users, the app still looks largely the same. It has kept its current name in the Play Store, and it retains the look introduced in version 2.0 (even though the latest release is 3.0). That's not to say that there's nothing new to see here. Users are now able to work together with others on tasks and balance events more easily with a new visual scheduler.

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[New App] Quip, A Mobile Word Processor That Puts People First, Launches For Android

Traditionally word processors have tasked themselves with producing nice, printable documents. Mobile versions have followed up with the unenviable task of replicating this functionality on much smaller screens. Quip throws this entire concept out of the window, instead creating a writing experience built for the ground up for mobile devices. The team released an alpha version over the summer, but it was little more than a demo of the iOS version of the app. Now the full version is available, and it looks right at home on Android devices.

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[New App] MixBit, A Company Started By Two YouTube Co-Founders, Releases Collaborative Video Editing App Into The Play Store

YouTube is awesome, but it's anti-social. You create a video in isolation, upload it to your personal channel, and wait for the inevitable flood of ego-shattering comments. If someone does happen to like your work, they will copy the link and share it on Facebook, Google+, or any other social network where good words are occasionally tolerated, and you may never hear their feedback. MixBit is a more social experience, one where friends can work on videos together from the comfort of their mobile devices.

MixBit1 MixBit2 MixBit3

MixBit was founded by YouTube co-founders Steven Chen and Chad Hurley, which makes this a service worth keeping an eye on.

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[Hands-On] Quip Seeks To Change Mobile Word Processing, Now Available For Android As An Early Preview

Word processors were designed for desktop computers. Given that many of us still sit down at laptops or desktops when it's time to type, that isn't too much of issue. We generally consider those to be better devices for typing than tablets or smartphones, but how much of this stems from our reliance on software that isn't designed to truly adapt to mobile screens and interfaces? Quip is a freemium new word processing app designed explicitly for mobile devices, and it's hoping to change word processing to match our new lifestyles. It comes from former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor and has garnered quite a bit of press, but is it the revolution he pitches it as?

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