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Master & Dynamic teams up with Leica to create striking new headphones and earbuds

New York audio brand Master & Dynamic already makes some of the most stylish headphones and earbuds around, but their ongoing collaboration with camera maker Leica has been responsible for some of the most attractive pieces. The two have once again teamed up to re-style the MW07 Plus true wireless earbuds and MW65 over-ear headphones, and the results are rather stunning.

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Gmail will now tell you when you're about to write to a co-worker who's out of the office

We've all written to someone about an urgent topic, only to get an automatic reply in return saying the person is currently out of office. Google is rolling out a new feature in Gmail and Calendar to help you avoid unnecessarily contacting people who are unable to reply, as it will now let you know your co-worker is out of office before you even write to them.

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Google Docs can finally highlight differences between two documents

Google Docs made collaborating on files so much easier, as it lets several people edit the same document concurrently, without having to worry about version numbers or consolidating changes. However, there are times when you can't use the service and have to rely on locally saved files. This is often the case when interacting with clients or people unfamiliar with collaborative software, who send their edits without activating Revision mode. For these cases, it's always handy to have the computer compare the two versions and highlight changes for you. Although Microsoft Word has been capable of doing this for ages, Google just made it possible on its software.

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Google and Samsung are working together to make sure their RCS platforms get along

SMS is garbage, but here in the US, it's ubiquitous. Rich Communication Services messaging — RCS for short — is a fan favorite candidate to replace it. The hope is that, eventually, everybody will be able to text everybody else in a way that doesn't suck. Google and Samsung announced today that they're working together to that end, collaborating to make sure each company's RCS platform (and messaging app) plays nice with the other.

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Best Buy to begin selling products on Amazon, starting with exclusive next-gen Fire TV Edition smart TVs

In a rather unconventional move, Amazon has announced a partnership with Best Buy. The next generation of Amazon Fire TV Edition-branded smart TVs will be exclusively sold by Best Buy at retail stores, on, and most interestingly, by Best Buy on as a third-party seller for the very first time.

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Taskade is a to-do manager with integrated collaboration tools

Getting things done is easier when a team is all on the same page, so keeping individual to-do lists might not be ideal. Taskade is a new app that seeks to make your bullet lists and random thoughts more collaborative with quick sharing and built-in chat features. It's free, too.

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Opinion: It should be easier to share and collaborate on some Google services, particularly Chrome and Contacts

For the first thirty years of my life, I was a lone wolf both offline and online. Then a funny Tinder conversation (of all places, gosh do I know!) with a stranger turned into a dinner, and we were pretty much inseparable since. Suddenly, most of the "me" decisions became "we," and as much as I like to think that choosing between Google Drive and Dropbox isn't a life or death situation, I do rely a lot on the services I use daily. They have to enable me to do things efficiently and smoothly, not stand in the way. My online choices were never a matter of flipping a coin but a thoughtful process that became doubly so when I knew I had to collaborate and share part of my data with someone else who might have different tastes and requirements than mine.

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Zoho Cliq is the fun, easy, and feature-packed way for teams to chat and collaborate [Sponsored Post]


Teams have to communicate and for many situations, email isn't cutting it. Real time chat is how many of the most effective groups collaborate, but the right software can make a huge difference. This is where Zoho Cliq comes in with its user-friendly interface, laundry list of features, and numerous integrations.

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The Microsoft Planner app is now available on Android [APK Download]

Last summer, Microsoft launched Planner as part of its Office 365 suite of productivity apps for businesses and schools. It could readily be described as a Trello style kanban board with the collaborative functionality of a tool like Basecamp rolled in as well. After the launch of the iOS app last week, Microsoft is now bringing Planner to Android.

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Microsoft GigJam is a really smart way to temporarily collaborate and selectively share with others

I had never heard of GigJam before today, but it immediately impressed me. This Office365 service, which started out as a closed Preview then was opened to everyone on Windows, Mac, and iOS in June of 2016, is now out of its testing phase and finally available on the Play Store.

The idea is simple enough: you want to share a specific document or piece of information with someone to get their opinion, negotiate with them, give them advice, show them how things should be done, etc, but you don't want to share all the document and you don't want it to be available to them past the needed time.

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