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Plastc joins the likes of Coin, declaring bankruptcy

Some of you might remember Plastc. They were a company that jumped on the re-programmable credit card train Coin and Google Wallet started in '13 and '12, respectively. They may have been a bit later to the game in 2014 after even Google had decided that it wasn't a good idea anymore, but they made the attempt. Later even the funding-successful Coin had to close shop due to delays, problems, and a general failure to properly keep up with the market. Unlike Coin, though, Plastc never managed to actually deliver on a product. And now just like its forebears, Plastc has decided it's time to die.

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Fitbit Acquires Wearable Payment Tech From Smart Card Maker Coin

Coin was one of the first companies to try its hand at combining all those credit cards you haul around into a single smart card. There have been others since, but some haven't even shipped. Coin eventually sold over 250,000 units, but this is the end of the road. Coin's wearable payment platform has been acquired by Fitbit, and it will no longer sell its current smart payment device.

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Coin Electronic Credit Card Releases Its Official Android App, But Pre-Order Customers Are Still Pissed

Putting your fantastic and revolutionary product up for sale before you actually finish it seems to be a surefire way to get some extremely unhappy customers - just ask anyone who's backed a gadget on Kickstarter. Coin, the electronic credit card that can save all of your various debit, credit, and loyalty cards at once, has cause to reflect on this today. The company released its official Android app for managing the card, and the response has been somewhat less than positive.

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In fact, "bloody furious" would be a more appropriate way to describe most of the initial reviews.

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Coin Is What The Physical Google Wallet Card Could Have Been, And It's Already Available For Pre-Order

We were ridiculously excited by the prospect of a physical Google Wallet card when we reported on it just over a year ago, but six months went by without a peep until eventually the project was canned. Thankfully, awesome ideas don't disappear just because one company decides it's not ready to make them happen. Coin, a startup out of San Francisco, has announced a card of its own that promises to deliver much of what we were excited to see Google pull off themselves.

Coin doesn't look all that different from a typical credit card, but it has the potential to make our wallets significantly lighter.

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[New Game] League Of Heroes Is Kid-Friendly Adventure Game With Quests, Baddies, And Weather Effects

From the gameplay trailer, League of Heroes might almost look like Baby's First Diablo. In the village of Frognest, you star as a hero of the story, hacking and slashing through a variety of magical bad guys to save your town. The graphics are beautifully stylized in a 2D cartoon aesthetic. The game is free to play and includes over 60 quests.

If you've ever played an adventure game á la Legend of Zelda, you should feel right at home. In addition to the standard swordplay, you can also collect coins and unlock new equipment to both level up and gear up.

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