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The Sphero RVR all-terrain tank robot is marked down to $145 at Amazon

If you're bored at home right now, Sphero may just have the answer. The robotics company is responsible for all sorts of fun distractions; from R2-D2 to Lightning McQueen, there's a robo toy for folks of all persuasions. And right now, its all-terrain tank robot vehicle, the Sphero RVR, is on sale at Amazon.

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GitHub 1.2 improves Markdown support, pull requests, and more (APK Download)

Code repository service GitHub released its shiny new mobile app earlier this year, but work on the application didn't stop there. The v1.1 update made reviewing pull requests and finding code in a project much easier, and now v1.2 is rolling out.

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Android Studio 4.0 released with Motion Editor, improved Java 8 support, and more

Android Studio is Google's official development environment for creating Android applications. The past few updates have been relatively minor, mostly focusing on quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes, but Google has also been cooking up a larger upgrade. Android Studio 4.0 leaves beta today, and it's full of changes that should make creating apps a lot easier.

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GitHub for Android adds support for mentions, switching branches, and more

The new GitHub app for Android and iOS left beta last month, after a few weeks of beta testing. Alongside the announcement of a new pricing structure for teams, GitHub revealed the first minor update for its mobile app.

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GitHub app for Android and iOS leaves beta, now available for all

GitHub used to have an official Android app years ago, but it was pulled from the Play Store in 2015. Since then, you've had to use a third-party app (or the mobile site, if you were desperate) to access the code-hosting service on the go. GitHub released an all-new mobile app in beta last month, and now it's ready for prime time.

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GitHub will resurrect its Android app, iOS version already in beta

GitHub is perhaps the largest code hosting service in existence right now, but its mobile presence has been... lacking. The company did release an Android app back in 2012, but it was removed from the Play Store in 2015. GitHub announced a brand new app today, but without a clear launch date for Android.

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Hasbro's companion app for the FurReal Maker Proto Max robot dog is now on the Play Store

Way back in February at the 2017 New York Toy Fair, Hasbro introduced a new product in its FurReal line of robotic pet toys. Unlike the others, the Proto Max is part of the Maker sub category, so named because it can be programmed to perform different actions. It's yet another example of a toy maker combining coding with playing in order to tap into the burgeoning STEM market. Why is this of any interest to us? Because the Android companion app has just launched, of course.

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Build, code, and play with the LEGO Boost companion app for Android

LEGO must be one of the most ubiquitous toys in the world. It's hard to imagine growing up without it. Somehow, the company has managed to remain relevant all these years, finding new ways to engage with kids as the world around them changes. One of the most highly anticipated LEGO releases for some time is the Boost Creative Toolbox, which tasks you with building a robot named Vernie, among others, and programming them to perform certain actions using "drag-n'-drop coding." It's due to ship from August 1st, and in preparation, the Android app has just been made available.

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Google Search improves searching for special characters in programming languages

If you've ever tried to search the meaning of specific operations and characters in programming languages, you know how frustrating it can be. You'll often have to append the name of the language to the search, or try surrounding it in quotes to only show exact matches.

Now Google has vastly improved searching for special characters and operations in programming languages.

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Treehouse's Code-Centric Educational Content Is Now Open To Android Users

Treehouse is another one of those online education platforms people can use to get some learning done without having to set foot inside of a classroom. This particular company focuses on providing people with the knowledge needed to design their own apps and websites. To aid in its goal to reach a tech-savvy crowd, it has released an Android app into the Play Store that provides access to much of its content.

Treehouse offers over 1000 educational videos about topics ranging from creating software and designing sites to handling the business side of things. It tests knowledge through quizzes and provides space to code directly within the app.

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