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GitHub 1.2 improves Markdown support, pull requests, and more (APK Download)

Code repository service GitHub released its shiny new mobile app earlier this year, but work on the application didn't stop there. The v1.1 update made reviewing pull requests and finding code in a project much easier, and now v1.2 is rolling out.

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Google adds Play promo code support for five countries, removes it for two others

It's not something those of us in the US consider often, but promo codes for free apps can't be issued by developers globally. Instead, Google maintains a list of countries that are eligible. Today's update is the first we've posted about in over two years; it adds five countries, but takes two away.

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GitHub for Android adds support for mentions, switching branches, and more

The new GitHub app for Android and iOS left beta last month, after a few weeks of beta testing. Alongside the announcement of a new pricing structure for teams, GitHub revealed the first minor update for its mobile app.

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GitHub app for Android and iOS leaves beta, now available for all

GitHub used to have an official Android app years ago, but it was pulled from the Play Store in 2015. Since then, you've had to use a third-party app (or the mobile site, if you were desperate) to access the code-hosting service on the go. GitHub released an all-new mobile app in beta last month, and now it's ready for prime time.

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GitHub's new app arrives on Android in Early Access

GitHub is the largest code hosting service in existence, but only now is it getting back into producing mobile apps. The company released an Android app in 2012, then removed it in 2015. Two months ago, GitHub revealed that a brand new app would enter beta soon, and now it has finally arrived.

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GitHub will resurrect its Android app, iOS version already in beta

GitHub is perhaps the largest code hosting service in existence right now, but its mobile presence has been... lacking. The company did release an Android app back in 2012, but it was removed from the Play Store in 2015. GitHub announced a brand new app today, but without a clear launch date for Android.

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Android 10 source code is now available on AOSP

While many people are enjoying — or lamenting — the upgrade to Android 10, there are some out there that are just as interested in the final source code. With each major release of Android, a huge code drop is made to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with everything a developer needs to build the latest version of the OS. As of this morning, the code is now fully available and ready for consumption.

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[Update: Resolution] The Pixel 4 may have a telephoto lens, according to Google Camera app leak

Google has proven that it can produce class-leading camera results even with just one sensor on the back, but the company will finally be adding a secondary lens with the Pixel 4. According to Google Camera v6.3, obtained from a leaked Q Beta 5 build (and available for download here), this secondary camera might be of the telephoto variety.

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Hurry up and snag 15% off eBay (up to a $100 discount) with this coupon

This year eBay has been aggressively pushing sitewide discount codes from 10-20% off, though the window to use them is short. Today we have another: 15% off up to a maximum $100 discount. The catch (and there always is at least one) is that you'll have to use it before 6:00 PM Pacific Time tonight.

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[Deal Alert] eBay is offering 15% off everything (up to $100 discount) with a code for today only

eBay really, really likes running site-wide discounts. Sometimes it's 15% and sometimes it's even 20%, but eBay has deemed today a good day for the 15% one. We're not sure how these codes are financially prudent for eBay, but hey, we're not going to complain.

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