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20 of the best Android co-op games available in 2020

Finding good smartphone and tablet co-op games on Android isn't easy. So now that many of us are stuck at home and with our families, the urge to team up for some entertainment's probably never been stronger. We've compiled a list of the best co-op games currently available on Android in 2020. So if you're looking to kill some time with your partner and aren't into competitive games, this roundup is for you.

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Stadia adding 2 co-op games this year for volleyball and bullet-hell fans alike

Two new co-op games have jumped into the queue for Stadia's 2020 lineup and they look to be bangers. We're looking at gun-induced volleyball game Gunsport — which will debut first on Stadia — and rhythm-based bullet hell Just Shapes & Beats.

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