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CNN app update reintroduces widgets and adds Chromecast streaming for live TV

The CNN app has gone through many updates, redesigns, and revampings. Along the way, it lost widget support, but today's update rights that tremendous wrong. In addition, there is now an option to Chromecast your live TV feed inside the CNN app to another screen.

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CNN app for Android adds Chromecast support and reader mode

Coming off its recent redesign, CNN has just updated its app for Android to support Chromecast streaming of video clips, and a new "reader mode" that condenses the size of headline listings for more information at a glance. If you are interested in increasing the efficiency behind your consumption of news, these changes are sure to make a difference.

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CNN app gets a full redesign in v5.0 update

The CNN app has been on Android for many years at this point, and it's gone through several redesigns. Not all of them have been welcomed by users. In fact, people usually complain loudly. This time is no exception. CNN has revamped its app for the v5.0 update. It's quite different.

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CNN acquires Beme, taps co-founder Casey Neistat for a new network in summer of next year

Video-sharing social network Beme has been racking up downloads over the last couple of months - since launching on Android in May, it's had between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads. Everything has to come to an end though, as CNN has acquired the company and its co-founder, Casey Neistat. He runs a popular YouTube channel, and will be working on a new network at the media giant, to launch in summer 2017.

Beme is, or was, an app that allowed users to share quick, raw, unedited video to their followers. Many of the users were part of Neistat's online following, but the app has been struggling recently against similar visual apps such as Snapchat or Instagram.

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CNNgo delivers bite-sized news video to Android TV, no cable login needed

If you don't subscribe to a cable or satellite provider, your options for all of these new streaming apps seem to shrink fairly quickly. There are more and more channel apps coming in for Android TV, but most of them assume that you already pay for premium TV somewhere else. CNN is offering an alternative, and if it's not ideal, then at least it's there. CNNgo doesn't want any of your money, it just wants to show you the news. And also some ads. But mostly news.

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CNN Android App Update Brings 360-Degree Videos And, At Last, Chromecast Support

CNN rose to prominence at a time when 24/7 cable news coverage was an impressive technological feat. These days keeping the camera running doesn't wow people quite like it used to.

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The Giant Samsung Galaxy View Tablet Gets A Custom CNN News App

The Galaxy View is big. Really, really big - the 18.4-inch device seems to be intended as a tabletop computer rather than a conventional portable tablet. Samsung's custom version of Android will make good use of the extra space, but even the tablet apps on the Play Store probably aren't well-formatted for a screen the size of a small PC monitor. To make sure users are getting a good experience on their Galaxy View, CNN has made an app especially for the tablet... probably with a little encouragement (read: payment) from Samsung.

"CNN for Samsung Galaxy View" is, of course, only compatible with the Galaxy View, but it's been published to the Play Store presumably for the sake of easy updates.

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CNN Tries To Break The Motorola DROID Turbo 2's Shatterproof Screen—Phone Walks Away With A Few Dents, But No Cracks

Verizon and Motorola assert that the new DROID Turbo 2's screen is shatterproof. According to a video from CNN, there might be something to that claim. In the clip, the phone suffers numerous falls from varying heights against different surfaces, gets run over by a bicycle, and meets the underside of a horse's hoof. And sure enough, it doesn't shatter.

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CNN App Gets A Holo Makeover With Support For Tablets And Phones In One App

Simply getting the news is not enough – your news source should also not be horrible looking. The CNN app has long failed on that second count, but now it has a shot at redemption. CNN has updated its app with a Holo UI and support for multiple screen sizes.

7 8 6

The updated look has a proper action bar and a grid layout of stories. I'd hesitate to call it card-based, but it's close at times. The interface scales appropriately to tablets now, and CNN has removed the "for phones" modifier from the app's name.

3 4 5

2 1

Users are a little torn on the quality of the new update.

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Flipboard Adds Content From CNN And Buys Competitor Zite Off Of Them To Boot

Flipboard was already making headlines today after finally adding the option to sign into the Android app with Google+. But it looks like they'll soon have a lot more headlines to choose from, namely the ones that constantly appear on Flipboard announced this morning that the company will be partnering with the venerable TV and web news service, bringing both standard and international news to the platform with featured channels. Three "magazines" (read: periodic blog updates) will also be featured, from personalities Jake Trapper, Fareed Zakaria, and John King.


But wait, there's more! In an undeniably linked deal, Flipboard has also purchased Zite from CNN.

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