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Classic murder-mystery board game Clue released, in the Play Store, with a $4 price tag

Clue, or Cluedo if you played the board game outside of North America, has been around for almost 70 years. Like a lot of other classic board games, it's now been reimagined with a digital mobile release. But unlike some of those games, the developer Marmalade Game Studio seems intent on keeping the classic whodunit setup, instead of trying to cram the well-worn format into something more lucrative. It's available in the Play Store now for $3.99, blessedly skipping any in-app purchases.

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Ladies, Clue Is The Pink-Less, Flower-Less, and Butterfly-Less Period Tracker You May Not Be Ashamed Of Using

Look, we'll talk about menstrual cycles, periods, and cramps in this post. If you feel uncomfortable discussing this topic, move along, but just remember that your entire existence hinged on this very thing. 'K? Now that that's settled, let's get back to our app.

Every couple of months, I spend hours — literally hours, i.e. multiples of sixty minutes — researching period trackers on the Play Store. And every time, I end up with the need to go to a garden to rip out every single flower, throw it on the floor, and stomp violently on it. Yes, I'm a woman, and I may like flowers and pink, but does it mean that I have to suffer offensively cheerful and childish app designs like this, this, or this to track the thing that makes my life a living hell for a few days every month? Hey gorgeous, feel cranky?

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[Updated: Now With EVO View 4G Trademark Filing] Sprint's Own Website All But Confirms The Rumored Nexus S 4G, EVO 3D, And EVO View Devices

Sprint has been mum about its 2011 lineup throughout this whole year until yesterday, when we finally got a break and caught wind of not 1 but 3 upcoming Sprint Android devices - the Nexus S 4G, the EVO 3D, and the EVO View tablet. The rumors were dropped to both Engadget and AndroidAndMe by an anonymous tipster, but both sites seemed confident in their sources, meaning it wasn't the first time the same credible tipster provided reliable information.

If you are sensitive to unconfirmed rumors and have trouble believing anonymous tipsters, even you will be pleased with what these pretty darn good hints planted around Sprint's own website.

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