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Google Voice for G Suite arriving as highlight of new enterprise features

Google's ongoing Cloud Next conference is a bit like I/O, but with a slant on building hype for corporate products rather than developer interest. In addition to the earlier announcement of a new 2FA hardware security key, Google is also expanding the services available in G Suite to include the much-loved Google Voice, while also tweaking how its Cloud Search and Drive services can work for businesses. 

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Google Cloud Search is the latest addition to the G Suite, brings the power of search to internal workflow

What if businesses could leverage the power of Google Search to find internal information faster than ever before? Cue Google Cloud Search, the answer to that question. Replacing the service formerly known as Springboard, this new product uses machine learning to provide a unified experience across the G Suite.

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CloudMagic Receives Major Update To Version 2, Can Now Search Through Even More Services

CloudMagic, the supersearch service that crawls through your Gmail, GDocs, GCal, Contacts, Twitter, Office365, and Exchange accounts just got a whole lot more powerful. It was bumped up to version 2.1 in the Play Store, which brings integration with even more services, including Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, iCloud, AOL,, and GMX. That's a whole lotta services.

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That's not all v2.1 is good for, either: the app has been completely redesigned to shed the old-school Google Search look and to make it more ICS/JB friendly. It looks quite nice.

But wait, there's more!

This update also brings a new "snapshot view" that gives you a glimpse of all your data, rich previews, more actions, and the ability to forward e-mails, as well as view attachments.

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