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Leaked Galaxy Note20 renders show downgraded cameras and flat screen

Samsung is set to unveil the big-screen Note20 series at its Unpacked event early next month. But before that happens, leaks and rumors have already painted a pretty good picture of how the lineup will shape up. Just a day after detailing the top-tier Note20 Ultra model, WinFuture has now shared almost everything that there is to know about the standard Note20 — a stylus-clad flagship that will lack some of the bells and whistles of the Ultra.

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Latest Galaxy Note20 Ultra leak reveals almost all the specs and renders from every angle

As is customary before every smartphone unveiling, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra has been leaked extensively ahead of its August launch event. Both official and unofficial sources have already shown us what the device will look like and what they’re expected to pack under the hood. But this latest leak coming from trusted site WinFuture has left almost nothing to the imagination. There is a full set of Galaxy Note20 Ultra renders included, along with the details of its Project xCloud gaming features co-developed with Microsoft.

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Google Stadia needs more social media features

Welcome to Stadia Feature Request Friday, a new series by Android Police where we dive into the features that are currently missing from Google's cloud gaming service (and why they should be included). In this debut article, we're going to talk social and community, and how a native social media network could promote a better playing experience for subscribers.

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Stadia Connect: Hitman, Hello Neighbor, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice coming this year

Google's latest Stadia Connect presentation was today, and there were game announcements aplenty. Some big-ticket titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Hitman, and Hitman 2 are coming this year (with Hitman 3 landing January 2021). Indie hit Hello Neighbor and its prequel Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek are coming this year, too, and both will be included in Stadia Pro subscriptions.

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Google Stadia 101: How to get the best performance and reduce lag

If you're trying out Google Stadia while you wait for the latest and greatest consoles from Sony and Microsoft to drop, you're not alone. But gaming in the cloud via a video stream is a lot different technically than playing something on a box plugged into your TV. Your ISP is a huge factor, but so is your home network setup, and the technology you're using to connect to it. In this guide, we'll show you how to make sure you're optimally set up to stream with minimal disruptions and lag.

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Stadia Premiere Edition now priced down at $100, drops bundled Pro sub and Buddy Pass

Google soft-launched its game streaming service, Stadia, with sales of a Founders Edition hardware kit that contained a Chromecast Ultra, a controller optimized for the experience, and three months of Stadia Pro access for $129. Now, after Stadia's full debut, what's now known as the Premiere Edition is shedding that Pro pass while also dropping its price appropriately.

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All Stadia Pro subscribers, including lapsed ones, get $10 off their next game


Stadia Pro trials are expiring. Here's how to make sure you don't get charged

Google finally opened Stadia to the public back in April, allowing anyone living in supported regions to try Stadia Pro for two months, free of charge. With June quickly approaching, any players who jumped onto the Stadia bandwagon on public launch day will soon be paying $9.99 a month for Google's cloud gaming service, unless they opt out. Here's how to cancel your subscription before your free trial of Stadia Pro expires.

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Claim your Stadia Pro trial by June 3 to get 2 months free while you still can

If you've been on the fence about joining Stadia Pro and going full-bore on streaming video games, your opportunity for an extended test drive is whittling down. Google already announced that it will reduce free trials from 2 months down to one starting June 3, so now it's really time to use it or lose it.

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GeForce Now loses 2K Games as studios continue to pull out of cloud service

Now that Activision Blizzard and Bethesda have both pulled their titles from the Nvidia GeForce Now game streaming service, 2K is the next developer to join in on the fun. Nvidia recently made a post on its forum to announce that 2K's titles have indeed been removed from the streaming service, though it would appear that Nvidia is working with 2K Games to re-enable the removed titles in the future.

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