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YouTube version 11.29 returns the 'X' close button in the background notification

We've taken a look at the APK for the latest version of YouTube, 11.29, and there's some mildly interesting bits under the hood, but not much that's user-facing. There's one exception: the little "X" button to close the notification has returned. See it up there? It's back. Hooray!


Last time, on Minute Video Player User Interface Adjustments...

Of course you only get the notification if you're 1) subscribed to the YouTube Red premium service and 2) have background play enabled in the app's settings menu. The button inexplicably disappeared from the notification after an update late last month. Now it's back.

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After Eighteen Months Of Service, Popular Security App TekTrak Shuts Its Doors

In an e-mail to its customers today, the team at TekTrak (an app we reviewed back in August) officially announced that the service has shut down and that users will no longer be able to utilize its features. In the heartfelt message the team explains that, as with many startup ventures, it has come time for the service to shutter its windows and call it quits.

TekTrak's official website has also been updated to reflect the end of the service.

Dear TekTrak Customers,
We are sad to announce that the TekTrak service has shut down, and you will no longer be able to use its features.

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Google Finally Updates Web Android Market With Screenshot Navigation And Rotation Capabilities

Ever since the Android web Market was launched, one of my main gripes with its UI (let's not talk about content discovery here) was screenshot navigation. There were 2 basic problems - you could not click Next or Previous as those buttons did not exist, and the only way to close a screenshot close-up was by finding and clicking a tiny X button.

Most modern "lightbox"-style galleries already solved the aforementioned problems by adding easy navigation buttons and allowing you to click anywhere on the screen to dismiss the close-up. Today, Google quietly did just that, and then some.

Here are the 5 new features I just spotted that weren't there this morning:

  • the Next and Previous buttons finally allow easy navigation
  • clicking on the close-up of a screenshot is equivalent to pressing Next
  • left and right keyboard arrow keys are equivalent to Previous and Next (hooray!)
  • the X button is gone - you can now close any image close-up by clicking anywhere on the screen
  • in-line rotation buttons which let you turn those occasional sideways images the right way

Here, have a look:


Visit your favorite app in the Market and check it out for yourself.

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Facebook For Android Updated To V1.5.4; Now Allows You To... Use Facebook Without Force Closes

You may remember a couple of days ago when Facebook for Android received an update and, for many users (myself included, on all 3 of my Android devices), became a blue-tinted cavalcade of force-closes. Well, it seems that the Facebook team took notice and pushed an update out that (hopefully) remedies the situation for everyone. It now seems to be working flawlessly (well...from the stability standpoint) on both my EVO and Nook Color. Go to the market and grab it now. Your friends miss you.


Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+
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Latest Facebook For Android Update Fixes A Few Bugs, Adds Constant Force Close Feature

It looks like Facebook is continuing the juggling act with their Android app, as they have fixed a few bugs and added a few new features with the latest update. Here, I've got the short list for you:

New in v1.5.3:
* Added the ability to tag friends in status updates
* Added Find Friends feature
* Added the ability to add your phone number to your profile
* Various bug fixes

Not listed: the force close feature that kicks in all the damn time.


I have no idea who Bella is, but she's entirely too nice.

It's amazing how far back the negative comments go; the app was updated three days ago, but get this: the first eighty-seven pages of user reviews are from today as of this writing (it's only 7:15 AM EST on April 22), and every page essentially mirrors the above screenshot.

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Garmin Considers Exiting Phone Business-Yeah, Garmin Made A Phone

Garmin CFO Kevin Rauckman stated on the 9th that Garmin may be leaving the mobile phone part of its business on the side of the highway. Garmin has released exactly one Android phone that was met with limited success, to put it nicely. They released the Garminphone with an outdated version of Android and put it on the 4th largest (out of 4) wireless carrier in the US (T-Mobile). The cards were definitely not stacked in their favor.


At one point in time, I'm sure this phone would have been a break-away hit but, now that every phone has GPS navigation, the Garminphone has become completely irrelevant.

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