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Assistant Routine integration in the Google Clock app is now live

Google revealed that its Assistant Routines would be integrated into the Clock app just a couple of days ago, giving you information like the day's weather, your upcoming calendar, and other configurable settings after the alarm is dismissed. At the time, we were told the feature would be rolling out this week, and Google seems to have just barely made that cutoff. Google Assistant Routine integration into the Clock app is now live.

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Google Clock v5.2 adds online city search, tweaks the icon, and prepares Routines integration [APK Teardown]

Google's clock app doesn't get a lot of functional changes these days. It really doesn't need to since it only does a few things and it does them well. However, today's update goes beyond cosmetic changes and bug fixes, it has upgraded the city selection screen to hit an online database to get even more locations and accurate time zone data. There is also a small change to the icon to discuss, and a teardown reveals that the Clock app is the first to offer direct integration with Google's upcoming feature Routines.

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Play Music v7.4 prepares to team up with Google's Clock app for musical alarms, loses weight, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

There's a new version of Play Music rolling out to users and this one includes at least a couple of things to smile about. This release cuts the size of the app by a good amount and fits in a few interesting changes to navigation and appearance. But the really important change can be found in the Teardown. It looks like Play Music will finally become available to Google's Clock app to sound off for alarms.

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Clock v4.6 makes timers and stopwatches resilient to reboots and adds app shortcuts for Android 7.1 [APK Download]

We don't get to see too many updates to the Clock app, but they have a tendency to happen around major OS updates. With Android 7.1 developer previews on the schedule for the very near future, it's the perfect time for the Clock app to make some progress. The latest version can now keep track of timers and stopwatches across reboots and joins many other Google apps with some brand new app shortcuts to run on Android 7.1.

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Google Clock v4.4 Adds Inline Volume Control And Vibrating Timers, Changes Some Visuals, And Loses Some Weight [APK Download]

The Google Clock app received an update earlier today to version 4.4, bringing with it an assortment of odd little changes. There are some new features, a couple of adjustments to text and animations. However, the one thing that may deserve the most attention is a fairly significant size decrease. As always, you can grab the apk at the bottom of the post if it's not yet available to you through the Play Store.

What's New

Unofficial Changelog: (things we've found)

  • APK size shrank by nearly 1MB
  • Inline volume control
  • Vibrating timer option
  • Page icon alignment pushed to the left
  • Date formatting changed
  • Possibly a couple of animation bugs?
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Android N Feature Spotlight: Time Picker Has A New Animation

There's a new little animation when setting an alarm in the clock app that moves the selector hand from the hour value to the minutes value. If that's not entirely clear, have a look at the gfycat below: after selecting the hour for an alarm, the hand now sweeps smoothly into the minutes position, whereas in Marshmallow, the hand would simply reappear in the minutes position without any visual transition or animation.

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[Update: Fully Resizable Widgets And Other Tweaks] Clock v4.3 Adds Some Slick New Animations And Audio Support For Android Wear [APK Download]

The Clock app doesn't get a ton of updates, but when it does there's almost always something worth talking about. The latest version does a little bit of everything with a little bit of visual polish and updates for the Android Wear app. As usual, there's a link at the bottom if you'd like to grab this version before it rolls out to your devices in due time.

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Android M Developer Preview 2 Fixes Clock App Bug That Caused The 'Snooze' Button To Default To 24 Hours

It's probably not a good idea to use beta versions of operating systems for your "daily driver" phone... or alarm clock, for that matter. When the original Android M Developer Preview landed back in May, we spotted a new version of the Clock app that allowed users to manually select a day of the week to start with. Turns out it had another "feature:" some users reported that sliding to the "snooze" function on the alarm would make the app delay the chime for 24 hours instead of 10 minutes (by default). I imagine this caused some awkward conversations with bosses.

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Google's First-Party Clock App For Android Is Now Available In The Play Store

Believe it or don't, there are a lot of people who care a surprising amount about Google's official Android clock app - enough that there are six different versions of it on APK Mirror, for example. Today Google has finally decided to post the app to the Play Store, enabling automatic downloads for millions of Android users and letting the company refresh the app free of over-the-air updates.

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