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[Update: Now $99 at B&H and Best Buy] Google Clips drops to $125 (half off) at Google Store and B&H

To say that Google Clips hasn't exactly taken off would be an understatement. In fact, I'm willing to bet that many of you forgot that it exists. That being said, Clips does have its fans, primarily consisting of parents of young children. It's now being discounted by $125, or 50%, at the Google Store and B&H.

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Google Clips gets timelapse function, better facial expression recognition, and more

Google's cute little robo-camera has received a substantial update. Clips has become better at recognizing and capturing "interesting facial expressions," and will learn which photos you keep and which you delete to better highlight content you'll want to hang on to. Perhaps most excitingly, though, Clips can now record timelapses.

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[Deal Alert] Google Store running sale including Home Mini for $34 ($15 off), Clips for $169 ($80 off), and various other discounts

The Google Store just had a nearly site-wide sale last month, but Google has decided it's already time for another one. The deals are a bit different this time around, though, with highlights including the Home Mini for just $34 ($15 off), the Clips camera for $169 ($80 off), the Pixel 2 XL for $749 ($100 off), and several other Home and Chromecast deals.

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Google Clips can now recognize a few new actions, pair with multiple phones [APK Download]

Google's cute little AI camera, Clips, was made to take pictures at opportune times without human oversight. Previously, it was restricted to triggering at things like faces and poses. Now, though, Google has updated the device to recognize a few new scenarios you may want clips of, as well as pair with more than one phone to more easily share those clips with multiple people.

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Google Clips now captures higher-resolution still images

Google's strange clip-on camera, 'Google Clips,' officially went on sale last month. It takes photos and video automatically, using machine learning to determine what events should be saved. Now the camera has received its first major update, increasing the resolution of still images and adding pinch-to-zoom in the mobile app.

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Google Clips app pops up on the Play Store ahead of the camera being delivered to anyone

Google's interesting little Clips camera still hasn't arrived at anyone's doorstep since its announcement alongside the Pixel 2 back in October, but the company has just published its companion app to the Play Store. Clips went up for sale late last month, though delivery dates were slated for early March, and the Google Store sold out pretty quickly.

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