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[New App] Clipless Makes You Privy To All The Nearby Deals That You're Undoubtedly Missing

How many times has this happened to you: you're out for a day of shopping/running errands and get home only to find out about a handful of good deals that you drove right past throughout the day? That seems to happen to my wife and me nearly every time we go somewhere; fortunately, there's a new app that aims to keep that from happening again. It's called Clipless, and it essentially runs in the background, just waiting to alert you of a nearby deal.

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'Clipless' Kickstarter Projects Gets Funded, Allows You To Stick Your Phone Basically Anywhere

Throughout the smartphone's rise to world domination, we've been faced with one serious quandary: where the hell to put the thing when you have no pockets (this is particularly troublesome for the ladies, since guys' pants/shorts basically always have pockets).

But it's not just pocket-less clothes that pose a problem – what if you need to look at your mobile device but can't hold it at the same time? Or where's the best place to put it when you're at the gym?

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