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How, why, and when you should clear app cache or data on Android

App cache can be a controversial topic on Android. Many people clear their app cache religiously, with the belief that it will keep their phone from getting sluggish and avoid unnecessary buildup on their phone's internal storage. Others say it defeats the whole purpose of caching in the first place, and just makes your app startup times and other activities take longer. The reality is somewhere in the middle: some apps may not use caching efficiently, causing it to use unnecessarily large amounts of storage. Or, it could be that an app's cached data causes problems when that app receives an update.

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Android 4.2 Tip: You Can Now Clear All Cached App Data At Once

Chances are, if you're picking up an 8GB Nexus 4, or even a 16GB Nexus 7 (or are stuck with an 8GB N7), at some point you might run low on storage. It happens to the best of us.

Fortunately, in Android 4.2, Google's given you a new way to free up some space with just two taps. Instead of having to trudge through your entire list of installed apps one by one, you can now clear all cached app data straight from the storage menu.

Screenshot_2012-11-14-07-48-27 Screenshot_2012-11-14-07-48-32

Just head to settings, then to storage, and tap on the new "Cached data" section in the list.

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