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[Update: Out now] Witcheye is a beautiful platformer coming to Android August 15th, pre-reg now open

This morning the pre-registration listing for the pixel-based platformer Witcheye popped up on the Play Store, and in the last hour, the developer Peter Malamud Smith tweeted that the game will be officially released on August 15th. What's interesting is that this is the same dev that worked on the viral hit The Great Gatsby for NES, as well as a few well-received iOS puzzle games, so this isn't their first rodeo.

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[Update: Available 4 days early] Cinematic platformer Flashback coming to Android on July 22 for $5

Those of us that grew up playing platformers in our youth, such as Prince of Persia and Another World, should be delighted by the news that Flashback is coming to Android and iOS on the 22nd of July. The indie video game publisher SFL Interactive announced today that it has partnered with the title's original designer Paul Cuisset to bring the award-winning action-adventure game to mobile for $4.99.

The trailer above shows off an amusing cinematic as well as some of the title's platforming gameplay. If you've never played through Flashback, you can expect a 2D platforming experience broken up by stylish cinematics, similar to that of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

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[New Game] Sir! I'd Like To Report A Bug! Is A Challenging 2D Platformer Free Of Ads And IAPs That Is Bound To Make You Curse

Sir! I'd Like To Report A Bug! takes its inspiration from games of a bygone era. No, this isn't merely a modern game masked with pixelated faux 16-bit visuals. This is a title that seeks to replicate the agony of the early 90s, a time when bugs weren't a reason to return a game. Instead they added another layer of challenge, another set of rules to be studied, learned, and mastered. But in Sir! I'd Like To Report A Bug!, glitches don't just affect gameplay, they form the basis of the plot.


In the world of Sir! I'd Like To Report A Bug, a new prototype technology goes haywire and unleashes bugs into the real world, causing chaos and pandemonium.

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