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Wells Fargo and CITI cards currently not supported with Android Pay on Wear

Android Pay is perhaps the most exciting aspect of Android Wear 2.0, but it has some caveats. It won't work if your phone has an unlocked bootloader, much to the disappointment of custom ROM and root users. Now it appears that some cards already compatible with Android Pay won't work on watches - namely CITI and Wells Fargo cards.

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Android Pay Now Supports Citi Cards

We started hearing reports the other day that Google had thrown the switch to allow Citi cards to be added in Android Pay, but we were unable to get confirmation. Now the Android Pay site has been updated, and there can be no doubt. Citi is a go.

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Citibank Mobile For Android Now Accepts Remote Check Deposits, If You Can Get Through

After a period of limited beta testing, Citibank officially announced today that remote check deposits can now be done using its mobile app for Android. Just snap a picture of the check, and it's deposited remotely. The deposit limit seems to be $1,000 per day (at least it was during the beta), so it won't replace going to a local branch to deposit your paycheck just yet for some of you.

Sounds great. but does it work? I've been using the Chase app to deposit the few occasional checks that come in and haven't needed to go to a bank for a long time, but since Citibank is my main banking account, I decided to check it out.

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