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HBO and Cinemax are coming to The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel started off as the streaming equivalent of the DVD bargain bin at your local Walmart, but it was free for anyone who owned a Roku streaming device. Earlier this year, Roku started adding external (paid) services to the channel, allowing users to watch Showtime and Starz content without downloading additional channels. Now two more subscriptions are on the way HBO and Cinemax.

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Hulu adds live and on demand access to HBO and Cinemax, just in time for new Game of Thrones

Video streaming app Hulu has recently made great strides in its attempts to catch up with other similar services like Netflix. In the last few months, it's added profiles to support individual watch histories and introduced Google Home integration. It's also got live TV now, and you can read our thoughts about that in our recent review. No streaming service would be complete without quality shows and movies, and with that in mind, Hulu has now added HBO and Cinemax to its burgeoning list of content partners.

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DirecTV Android Apps Can Stream 15 New HBO And Cinemax Live Channels After Latest Update

DirecTV's job used to be making sure that when you turn on your TV, there's something there to watch. Then these fancy mobile devices came around, and now the company is tasked with putting shows on those as well. Kids don't stare at big screens anymore, I'm told. Everything looks best crammed somewhere between 4.5 to 10.1 inches.

The latest version of the DirecTV Android apps offer up 15 new HBO and Cinemax channels, which you can stream live to your phone or tablet.



You can apparently even place a shortcut right on your homescreen. That way you don't have to fire up an app and switch through the channel listing.

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HBO GO And MAX GO (Cinemax) Apps Updated With Support For Android 5.0 And Higher-Resolution Devices

Over the next few weeks you're going to a see a lot of mainstream apps get quick (and possibly dirty) updates when the new Lollipop devices and software builds break some of their functionality. (No, we don't have any links to images yet.) Some of the first are HBO's streaming app HBO GO, and the same app for its sister network Cinemax, MAX GO. Both apps have been updated today to include "support for Android Lollipop."

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The update text also says that the apps have added "higher resolution playback." That's all. We've done a little testing, and it doesn't look like the streaming video is going any higher than 1080p (and it would be strange for the mobile version to get higher resolution than cable set-top boxes).

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HBO GO And MAX GO App Updates Finally Add Android 4.3 Compatibility

It's been over two months since Google started releasing Android 4.3 builds, and in all that time users of the updated Nexus and Google Play edition devices haven't been able to access the HBO GO or MAX GO (Cinemax) video services. Considering that subscriptions to both channels are pricey (on top of a cable or satellite subscription, no less) that made for a lot of less-than-satisfied customers.

2013-10-08 17.55.23

Thankfully, both apps have finally been updated to new versions: 2.2.05 for both HBO GO and MAX GO. The change logs for both apps include only the cryptic "Bug fixes," but users at Reddit are reporting that the HBO GO update fixes whatever issue was interrupting streaming.

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MAX GO App Updated To Support HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4 – Your Softcore Porn Has Never Looked More Clear

Cinemax subscribers rocking the newest devices can finally enjoy their content on the go again. After a few months of complaints, HBO (which owns Cinemax) has pushed out an update that allows users of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 to stream content on those big, beautiful 1080p screens.

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You'll need a pre-existing Cinemax subscription to stream through the MAX GO app, but you can download it and poke around all the shows and movies for free. The app also supports HDMI out to a TV, so you could theoretically take the phone with you and always have access to that After Dark programming.

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HBO Releases MAX GO - A Full Episode/Movie Streaming Android App For Cinemax Subscribers

Back in April of this year, we, consumers hungry for anything that legally streams full movies and TV shows, welcomed Android's first high-caliber streaming app done right - HBO GO. With the ability to watch the goodies on the go utilizing an existing HBO subscription, the HBO GO app suddenly made train rides and treadmills a whole lot more fun. Netflix and Hulu followed, but HBO GO still occupies a special place in our hearts as the pioneer encouraging others to push the limits and not be afraid of unleashing more content on mobile.


Seeing the success HBO GO enjoyed after its Android launch, the company started work on its other premium brand called Cinemax, or just Max.

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