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Moment's new $149 anamorphic lens lets you shoot cinematic-looking footage with your phone

Moment's made a name for itself creating lenses for smartphones (which we just published a review of today, by the way), but the company is now venturing into a new segment: filmmaking. This campaign is being kickstarted (pun not intended) by a $149 anamorphic lens, and the results look pretty impressive. That's probably how the Kickstarter already has over $370,000 (and climbing) in funding on a $50,000 goal.

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Weekend poll: Do you use a calibrated color profile on your phone?

One of the more vocal complaints leveled against Google's Pixel 2 phones was the display's default color calibration. Although some might prefer the over-saturated vibrance of less accurate color profiles, Google opted for a more calibrated default that was closer to sRGB as a means of providing color-accurate backward compatibility with apps that didn't immediately declare their color space.

Of course, Google later provided an update with a more saturated option for those that wanted it. But we're curious, how many of you actually use calibrated color profiles?

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MoviePass cut its unlimited subscription plan to $9.95/month

MoviePass is a service that allows cinema fans to go to as many films as they want at almost any theater. While a tempting offer, it used to cost $50/month, which was not accessible to all moviegoers. However, the company has announced via its blog that it is implementing a new, universal unlimited subscription plan for just $9.95 per month.

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MoviePass Releases Its Android App, Allows Theater Addicts To Track Movies, Perks And More

MoviePass sounds like a pretty fantastic service for movie buffs. Pay a set fee every month, and you can go to the theater as much as you would like (with a fairly lengthy list of caveats). It's Netflix, but for all the movies that are out now. While it wouldn't be of much interest to the casual viewer who might only see one or two flicks a year, the avid viewer could save tons of money. What's a sweet subscription without an Android app to go along with it, though?

moviepass1 moviepass2 moviepass3

Most of the functions of this app can probably already be performed by your theater app of choice, however being able to look up listings that only include participating locations is a handy filter to have.

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