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[Impressive] Chrooma Keyboard 3.0 adds gestures, themes and adaptive colors, Google Now integration, an action bar, more

Whoa. It's not easy for me to be impressed by a keyboard. I have been a staunch Google Keyboard user on all of my devices from the day it was released as a standalone app on the Play Store many moons ago. Every other keyboard I have tried — and I've tried plenty — fails to even register within the usable spectrum for me: lags and/or lack of precision have killed many revered third-party options.

I confess, I'd never tried Chrooma before today, mainly because I'd given up on finding any third-party keyboard, regardless of how many cool options it has, that lets me type as efficiently and comfortably as Google Keyboard has.

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Chrooma Developer Releases A Live Wallpaper That's Perfect For Material Design-Loving Lollipop Users

Over the summer, we banged our heads against our computer screens just to feel closer to the sweet upcoming beauty known formally as Material Design. Then 5.0 arrived and over-the-air updates starting rolling out. Now many of us have had months for the newness to wear off.

But some of us just can't get enough. We want material all the things, not just apps. It's an insatiable desire that not even Google, with its inconsistent app designs, is able to fill. But there's a developer out there that has contributed another way to satisfy the craving, by releasing the Chrooma Live Wallpaper.

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