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Unread badges could be coming to Google Chrome tabs and bookmarks

Since Chrome's big 10th birthday redesign, it's looking cleaner and less cluttered than ever, but that may be changing soon. The Chrome team is continuing work on the 'Badging API' that would allow websites to add unread notification badges to open tabs or bookmarks. In theory, this could be really useful, but I hope it doesn't make for a UI that's way too busy.

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Chrome OS to get USB tethering support for iPhone

While you might assume that the relatively few people who use a Chromebook as their main computer are more likely to have an Android phone than an iPhone, it would still make sense for Chrome OS to be capable of tethering to an Apple device for the purpose of data sharing. That isn't possible at present, but it could be coming soon.

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Google just killed our dreams of dual-booting Windows on Chromebooks

Any sliver of hope Chromebook owners had for being able to dual-boot into Chrome OS and Windows has, well, flown out the window. The initiative behind this feature, dubbed "Alt OS" in the Chromium Gerrit, has been deprecated according to a recent commit.

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How Google and Microsoft ended up working together on the Chromium-based Edge browser

Google and Microsoft have been in a bitter war over their ecosystems for a long time, but recently, the two have been making steps toward each other. Ever since Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft, he started making it more open for collaboration and, well, Open Source software, most notably through its acquisition of Github and the inclusion of Linux in Windows. Google, on the other hand, has always been at the forefront of collaborative software development, with Android and Chrome being based on Open Source software. Now, The Verge published an interview with Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, talking about the company's journey to a Chromium-based Edge browser and how it started working together with Google more closely through this decision.

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Microsoft releases first builds of Chromium-based Edge browser

Following 23 years of developing its own browser engine, Microsoft announced late last year that the company's Edge browser would use Google Chrome (or more specifically, Chromium) as a base. Early builds leaked online in March, and now the first official packages are available.

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Tesla's in-car web browser is switching to Chromium

One of the defining features of recent Tesla vehicles is the massive center touchscreen. It acts as the main control center for the car, with media controls, live camera feeds, maps, settings, and more. It also has a web browser, for some reason, which will soon be replaced with a version using Chromium — the open-source version of Google Chrome.

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Chrome picture-in-picture video to get 'Skip Ad' button

A few months ago, Chrome added a picture-in-picture mode for watching videos, be it on YouTube or other sites. However, the implementation lacked a few essential features, like reopening the video and skipping ads. The former is getting worked on and should soon hit the stable of Chrome, while the latter has just been added to the Chromium Gerrit by François Beaufort.

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Chrome may soon save you from pages that block the back button

The internet can be a wonderous wellspring of information with all the world's knowledge at your fingertips. However, it can also be a shady, aggravating place where some jerk on the other side of the world wants to trick you into thinking you won a free iPad. Oh, you pressed the back button? You "won" a PS4 instead. Chrome developers may soon stick it to that jerk with a tweak to keep pages from manipulating your back button.

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Chrome's password manager may be getting favicons in the near future

Chrome's built-in Password Manager is a convenient way to store and use your login credentials, especially when convenience is paramount. But actually managing passwords in that list can be a bit tedious, given it's just a long list of URLs, usernames and blocked-out passwords. Thankfully, Google is adding favicons to the Password Manager, making it easier to navigate the list at a glance.

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Network file shares now enabled by default in Chrome OS Canary channel

As of the latest Canary build (v70), Chrome OS now has network file shares enabled by default. SMB sharing was previously possible via a flag that was added back in March, although it was quite unstable at that time. It should hopefully perform better now, allowing you to add a file share service such as Samba.

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