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Losing Cast support could be the final nail in BeyondPod's coffin

In more bad news for users of once-popular BeyondPod, the app it has now lost cast functionality. It's been using Google Cast API v2 that was deprecated back in 2017, but since that has finally been sunsetted, casting from the app is no longer possible.

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Epix streaming plan and Android app are now available, costs $5.99 a month

Epix is the latest cable network to get hip to its industry dying. As such, it's launched Epix Now, a standalone streaming service that offers access to its library of content on demand for a pretty fair price: $5.99 per month.

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SiriusXM app adds Chromecast support, though it seems to have some bugs

SiriusXM users have been asking for Chromecast support for years, and at long last, their prayers have been answered. Unfortunately, the long-awaited functionality appears to have quite a few problems, with several Play Store reviews with complaints about it.

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Hulu now lets you adjust Chromecast playback volume using your phone


Get a second-gen Chromecast for just $9 in-store at Walmart, a crazy $16 off MSRP

For just $9, this second-generation Chromecast deal at Walmart is a no-brainer. I like keeping a couple of extra Chromecast dongles around for that relative who wants to stream "the Netflix" from their decade-old TV, and this is a good chance to stock up on them.

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Google Chromecast ambient mode UI changes are rolling out to more users

This won't be the most important thing you'll read all day, but we're getting so many tips about it that we had to write a post. Back in April 2018, Google was spotted testing changes to the Chromecast ambient mode/home screen, and the new UI is now rolling out more widely.

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Get a Chromecast 3rd gen for $30 shipped

Have you heard about this new Chromecast thing? That's a little joke. Google's streaming dongle has become so prolific that the platform it runs on is built into all kinds of stuff. If you've got one of the last few TVs that can't already receive Chromecasted content, now's a great time to get in on the phenomenon. You can currently scoop a third-generation Chromecast up at Rakuten for about 30 bucks, shipped.

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[Update: Google shares network security tips] Internet tricksters hijack Chromecasts to promote PewDiePie

The internet-connected devices in our homes can make life more enjoyable, but they can also provide an in for internet ne'er-do-wells. A pair of jokers has undertaken a campaign of Chromecast hacking ostensibly to warn people about their vulnerability. Although, they're also promoting PewDiePie for some reason.

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[Update: Now on sale] Harman Kardon unveils more Google Assistant speakers, plus new soundbars with Chromecast built in

We're here in Berlin for IFA 2018, and one of the first press conferences we attended was by Harman. The Samsung-owned company is an umbrella for several smaller brands, including JBL, AKG, and the higher-end Harman Kardon, all of which got some stage time. Google Assistant speakers, headphones, and a smart display from JBL were re-announced for different markets, but the only truly new things of interest to us came from Harmon Kardon

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Google hardware year in review: What worked, what didn't, and what we want in 2019

Google’s hardware division is a rare success story inside a remarkably successful company - and one that has taken the better part of a decade to meet that definition. Its ambitions in the physical product space have grown from a geeky internet sideshow into a full-scale retail assault, and 2018 saw that ascendance continue. For all the naysayers it’s had - and there have been many - Google continues to position its hardware portfolio exactly where it needs to be: in stores. Chromecasts and Home Minis litter hundreds of Walmarts, Targets, and Best Buys, and Pixel smartphones are in Verizon locations across the country.

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