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Polk Assist is a full Assistant and Chromecast speaker, available next month for $199

A couple days ago, Polk Audio announced a new speaker aptly called the Assist. Not only does it have full Chromecast capabilities, but it also comes with Assistant for voice commands, searches, and smart home controls. Available next month, it will cost $199 according to Polk's press release.

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Verizon Mother's Day deals include BOGO on Pixel 2 with free Google Home Mini and Chromecast

Mother's Day is almost upon us and so are the related deals. If your mom needs a new phone and you do too, or maybe if both your mom and mother-in-law need new phones, you may want to give Verizon's BOGO offers a look.

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Sling Cloud DVR comes to Chrome, Chromecast, more smart TVs

Sling's $5-per-month Cloud DVR service is expanding to a number of new devices. Subscribers can now watch their stored shows in the Chrome browser and on any screen that functions as a Chromecast receiver, as well as on Xbox One, LG smart TVs, and Samsung smart TVs from 2016 or later.

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Google Store launches in Singapore with Pixel 2 XL, Google Homes, Chromecast, and more

Buying Google's gadgets can be very difficult if you live in a country where they're not officially available. Overpriced black markets, questionable imports, and difficulty of finding support are some of the issues you face. But after today, that won't be the case for Android and Google fans in Singapore as the official Store is now launched in their country.

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Google Home tips have started appearing on Chromecast, and not everyone's happy about it

Google has been working toward making the Chromecast home screen a bit more useful with features like weather and YouTube searches. Now, something new is showing up: Google Home tips. Although, some people prefer to think of these as "ads," and they are not pleased.

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Etón Air4 is an expensive $499+ speaker with Chromecast and Apple Airplay

Etón is not a brand I'm familiar with and a quick look through the company's current products and Wikipedia page doesn't reveal too much aside from the fact that its products are aimed toward outdoor use and emergency preparedness. However, its new Air4 speaker is a very striking departure from all of that. It's a high-quality indoor speaker with a price that oscillates between $499 and $599 depending on where you look and it supports streaming through both Chromecast and Apple Airplay. (Note: Eton calls it Google Cast, but Google phased the name out in favor of Chromecast a long time ago.)

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Overwatch League app gets Chromecast support for match livestreams

If you've been following the Overwatch League (and its associated player drama/suspensions), then odds are that you're one of the tens to hundreds of thousands of people watching it via Twitch, but that isn't the only way to get your fix. The official Overwatch League app can also sling live broadcasts, and now it's been updated with Chromecast support.

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Chrome will soon finally support casting local files

If you've ever used Chrome's casting functionality, you've likely come across one of its more frustrating shortcomings. While it works great for casting an online video, a tab, or even your entire screen, Chrome simply cannot cast a local audio or video file natively, forcing you to resort to using a third-party extension or standalone app. Fortunately, the Chrome team is currently experimenting with adding the ability to cast local files directly from within the browser, according to the well-known Googler and 'Chromium evangelist,' François Beaufort.

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Guy builds a super cool RFID jukebox with his Google Home and Chromecast speakers

We can all yell at our Google Home to start playing something, but what if it was possible to choose our songs in some other super cool, super throwback way? hoveeman thought this through and built an awesome jukebox-style system for his Google Home and Chromecast speakers. Before I bore you with the technical stuff, check out the video below to see how things work. 

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Plex v6.15 adds on-device audio transcoding, local streaming to Chromecast, and more

On the heels of a new Chromecast UI rolling out to everyone, Plex is starting a staged rollout of a new version of the Android app. This one comes with a few significant changes that make your smartphone more capable for playback and streaming. You can finally do some on-the-fly transcoding from Android, and local files work with casting.

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