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Fix rolling out for errant Android TV casting notifications (Updated)

If you noticed a superfluous casting notification last night while watching content via Android TV, it turns out, that's a thing right now. Some folks are getting cast/Chromecast media control notifications on their phones when watching content in apps on their Android TV devices (including the Nvidia Shield), even when they aren't actually casting anything. Just turning on a show via Plex or Netflix via the Android TV app is triggering casting controls for some. But Google is already working on a fix.

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[Update: Rolling out] Casting notifications will soon launch Google Home or the media's matching app as a remote control

The infamous Casting notification became a very controversial feature for many. It looked like a good idea when it first appeared, but quickly earned much hate as the notifications proved to be spammy in regular use. Google eventually rolled out an option to turn off notifications. If you haven't shunned these notifications, or you're willing to turn them back on, you can look forward to a new twist that makes it possible to tap on the notification to immediately open up an app as a remote control.

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Google, please kill the horrible ongoing casting notification for all devices on the network

If there's one Google complaint we've received regularly recently, it's in regard to the new casting control notification which started appearing on devices as part of a Play Services update in early November. Namely, the problem is that the notification goes to every Android device on your network. It's a well-intentioned feature, but one which results in a horrible user experience for a number of reasons. Specifically:

  1. People are naturally inclined to dismiss notifications they don't recognize or want (something I'm sure Google agrees with!)
  2. People tend to accidentally hit buttons
  3. People are jerks

Number one: Listen, just because you gave Uncle Steve the Wi-Fi password so he doesn't use up all of his gee-bees during his holiday visit this year doesn't mean you were also interested in giving him authority over your casting controls that he does not understand.

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