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[Update: Promotion Is Live!] Google Promo Offers $20 Play Store Credit For Chromecasts Bought From Dec. 13th Till Jan. 2nd

Picture this: a new Chromecast, which is faster and generally better than the old Chromecast, and which costs $35. Now picture it essentially costing $15 if you at all regularly spend money on Google Play. That's basically today's new Chromecast Offer, which you can redeem if you buy a Chromecast and activate it starting two days from now, December 13th. So, if you're planning on some Chromecast stocking stuffers, do not forget to let your giftees know that you're extra-awesome and got them this super-sweet, super-exclusive $20 Google Play credit deal on their new dongle, because you're awesome like that.

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[Deal Alert] Buy Two Chromecasts From Best Buy, Get $15 Off

You know what's better than being able to stream Netflix, Hulu, Play Movies, Play Music, and loads of other content to a TV in your house? Having the option to stream it to more than one TV in your house. Sometimes the living room just isn't he place to be, but you're out of luck without a Chromecast in the bedroom. That's a bummer. Thankfully Best Buy is ready to save the day.


For a limited time, if you grab two Chromecasts from the double B, you'll get $15 off. So, that's two Chromecasts for $55, making them basically $27.50 each.

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[Deal Alert] 20% Off (Up To $50) On Select Electronics, Including Chromecast, For Amazon Visa Cardholders

If you have an Rewards Visa card, now might be the time to go shopping - they're currently offering 20% off purchases of a large list of "select" electronics, with a maximum total discount of $50. There is no maximum number of items you may use the discount on, but you can only use it on a single Amazon order - then it's gone. The promo code is TCH20ARC.


Some of the items up for grabs include the popular Chromecast, which you can snag for just $23.99 (plus tax, if applicable) right now. Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Dropcam, GoPro cameras, Philips Hue bulbs, Pebble smartwatches, Rokus, SSDs, Parrot AR.drones,

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