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Google Play services v10 can show a notification with player controls anytime a device on the network is Casting [APK Download]

If the people in your home get regular use of a Chromecast, you're probably more than aware of just how inconvenient it is when the Casting device isn't handy. Sure, you can always pick up your phone or tablet and track down the Google Home app (formerly named Google Cast), but that takes a lot of taps – and most people don't have it installed or even realize it has player controls. The latest update to Google Play services takes care of this little issue by adding a long overdue and oft-requested feature: it pops up a notification with player controls anytime a Cast session is active.

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Google has sold over 30 million Chromecast devices since 2013

At today's Pixel event, Google announced an impressive statistic -- it has sold over 30 million Chromecast devices to date.

That's not bad for a little dongle that, at the time of its launch, was a rather unique device. The original Chromecast wasn't the only media stick you could plug into a TV, but an impulse-buy $35 price point and remote control-free design made it special.

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Grace Digital CastDock X2 quick review: A weird little nook for your Chromecast Audio

As a kinda, sorta well-known technology journalist, I get a lot of pitches for hardware to review. More often than not, I just ignore these emails (sorry PR people) because I simply get too many of them. On occasion, someone pitches an interesting thing, and I'll take a closer look at it. Such was the case with the Grace Digital CastDock X2. I thought at first it was a Cast enabled speaker, and I bet that's what you thought just now too. Well, it's not. This is literally a dock for your Chromecast Audio, and that makes it just weird enough to warrant a quick hands-on here.

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[Update: Best Buy too] [Deal Alert] Chromecast Audio only $25 ($10 off) on the Google Store

The Chromecast Audio is a great little device, allowing you to stream supported content to any speaker (or anything else really) with audio input. I myself bought one fairly recently, so I could turn my old iPod dock into a WiFi speaker.

Google today dropped the price of the Chromecast Audio down to $25, a whopping $10 lower than the original price. There is no sign of a Chromecast Audio replacement being announced at Google's upcoming October 4th event, so you don't have to worry about buying a soon-to-be-discontinued device.

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YouTube Music v1.42 adds Chromecast Audio support, updates player controls, and hints at a future on Android TV [APK Download + Teardown]

If you're a YouTube Red subscriber, it's well worth taking a moment to try out the YouTube Music app. It's still in the process of filling out its feature set, but each update fleshes out areas that really make it a very compelling way to consume music. The latest version bump adds one of the most needed features yet: streaming support for Chromecast Audio. It also brings a partial redesign to the player controls. There is also a subtle change that gives some hope that we may finally see YouTube Music make the jump to Android TV in the near future.

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Google celebrates the Chromecast's third birthday

Has it already been three years since the original Chromecast came out? My, how the time flies when you're streaming video. Google marked the occasion on the Google Store's Plus page with the nifty animation below, but there aren't any promotional deals. Not that you really need them - it's $35, for cryin' out loud.

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[Deal Alert] Chromecast Audio £15 At Currys With Free Delivery

If you're a regular reader, you'll be familiar with our US Deal Alert posts. The occasional European deal alerts also pop up as well, but as of yet we've had no UK-specific deal alert (or none that I can find, anyway). That changes now, with the Chromecast Audio going down to £15 at Currys.

The Chromecast is normally £30 in the UK, so £15 is a considerable saving. I'm debating buying one despite not having any speakers to use it with (yet). The deal is only for delivery or click and collect - it's not available off the shelf in a Currys brick-and-mortar store.

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[Update: Deal Back June 6 - 17] [Deal Alert] Chromecast And Chromecast Audio On Sale For $5 Off Everywhere

The Chromecast and Chromecast audio are already very competitively priced devices at $35 each, but they're even cheaper today through May 8th. Both devices are $5 off at most retailers, bringing the price down to $30. Oh, and Amazon doesn't sell the Chromecast at all because reasons.

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Google Adds A New Goodie For Chromecast And Chromecast Audio Owners: Two Months Of Ad-Free Pandora One Membership (US Only)

Chromecast owners know that even though Google's tiny stream machine is one of the cheapest on the market, it occasionally gets freebies for online video and music streaming services that add some major value. The latest goodie to come to owners of the original Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio is Pandora One, the music service's premium advertising-free tier. New owners can get two months of listening free, which has an approximate value of $8.

Offers tend to come and go, and it isn't always clear who's eligible based on when they bought their Chromecast. This one isn't showing up for me, so neither my original Chromecast model nor my Cast-enabled SHIELD TV are eligible for the promotion.

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Chromecast 2015 And Chromecast Audio Now Available In Hong Kong And Taiwan, Plus Some Indian Retailers

About a month ago we spotted two new entries in the country availability listings for the new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio: Taiwan and India. Today both of those are coming true (though India is somewhat conditional - see below), and you can add Hong Kong into the mix. For both Hong Kong and Taiwan, the streaming gadgets are now available on their respective Google Stores. The Chromecast 2015 and Chromecast Audio are HK$349 (around $45 USD) in Hong Kong and NT$1445 ($44.75) in Taiwan.

In India, things are a little more complicated. The new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio aren't available directly from the Google Store.

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