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Refurbished JBL Link 300 with Assistant and Cast support on sale for $80 ($45 off)

There are a lot of good portable speakers out there, but most come with just Bluetooth and AUX input options. The JBL Link 300 is a Bluetooth speaker that also has Google Assistant and Cast support, making it a Google Home of sorts. JBL is currently selling the certified refurbished Link 300 for $80 on its website — that's $45 less than a new speaker at Best Buy and $170 off the $250 MSRP.

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Opinion: An Ode to the Chromecast Audio

It's time to bid farewell to Google's audio streaming dongle, the Chromecast Audio. After a significant price drop late last year, its stock has since been depleted in the Google store and at Best Buy and other retail locations, and there are already eBay listings up asking for twice what the device was worth in its heyday.

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[Update: Out of stock] You can still grab a $15 Chromecast Audio from Google while they last (which probably won't be long)


[Update: Sold out] Google confirms Chromecast Audio has been discontinued — get 'em at a discount while you can

Yesterday, a post on Reddit said that Google's little music streamer that could, Chromecast Audio, had been discontinued. Sadly, that turned out to be true: according to an official statement from Google, the device is no longer being manufactured.

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4 of our favorite tech deals this week: V-MODA headphones, big eBay sale, free music, and more

We're just hours away from one of the biggest shopping days in the world of online deal-finding, as Amazon gets ready to kick off its annual Prime Day savings this coming Monday, July 16. But even as so many of us get ready to snag those offers the moment they land, there's still been some decent deal action in the days leading up to Prime Day. Let's take a look at some of the better sales to arrive this past week.

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Most Wanted: The best earbuds, headphones, and speakers you can buy

Music is near ubiquitous nowadays and it makes everything a little more fun. Whether you're commuting to work or school, taking a flight, grocery shopping, running and exercising, doing chores around the house or your homework, working on projects, or just sitting around and doing nothing, it always has a way of speeding time up or slowing it down, getting you pumped or relaxing you.

And with the holidays nearly upon us, you may be looking for the perfect gift to get yourself or that music addict in your life. To help you, we have compiled a list of the latest and best gadgets you can buy this year.

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Black Friday Target ad reveals $80 Google Home, $30 Home Mini with $10 giftcard, $30 Fire 7 tablet, and more

Thanksgiving is coming up this month in the United States, which means retailers are prepping for Black Friday. Just about every major store will have steep discounts on items, but whether they are worth fighting crowds for is another question. Target's ad for Black Friday was recently released, and there are a few noteworthy deals for Google, Amazon, and Samsung products.

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[Deal Alert] Google Store back to school sale kicks off with Pixel, Home, OnHub, and other discounts

Summer is about halfway done, and since time immemorial that's meant at least one thing: back to school sales have begun. The Google Store is no different from other retailers in that regard, and starting today you can pick up a Pixel with a free Daydream View starting at $524 (up to $200 off, a crazy value), a Google Home for $109 ($20 off), either OnHub router for $99 ($30 off), the LG Watch Style for $199 ($50 off), and a free Chromecast Audio with a Google Wifi 3-pack. It's at least possible that little Johnny's grades will be improved by your new phone, right?

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[Deal Alert] Save $35 when you buy a Google Home and Chromecast or Chromecast Audio

The Google Store keeps running promos on the Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, and sometimes the Google Home, but this has to be one of the best we've seen yet. For the past few weeks, you could get $15 off when buying a Google Home and Chromecast, but that deal wasn't even good enough for us to post. Now, however, you can take $35 off the combo, essentially making the Chromecast free.

When you head over to the US Google Store, you'll be able to add a Google Home ($129) and either a Chromecast ($35) or Chromecast Audio ($35 - the $30 price only applies if you purchase the Audio by itself) to your cart.

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[Deal Alert] Get a 2nd-gen Google Chromecast or Chromecast Audio for just $25 ($10 off) at a ton of stores


The Chromecast is well-loved, and for good reason - it's so cheap, yet so useful. At its MSRP of $35, it was already great bang for the buck, but for Black Friday, multiple retailers are knocking $10 off the prices of both the standard Chromecast (the newer second-generation model from 2015) and Chromecast Audio to $25.

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