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Chromecast Audio Gets Multi-Room Streaming, Higher-Resolution Playback In New Update [APK Download]

Google announced that multi-room audio is finally available for the Chromecast Audio dongle today, after several months of waiting. The new feature allows you to simultaneously cast the same audio to as many CC Audios as you have on your network. You can create groups of dongles specifically, too, which then appear on the Chromecast app for any compatible device.

The update also adds support for 96KHz/24-bit lossless audio playback, which is important for those in the audio community concerned with larger, higher numbers that are ostensibly significant in terms of quality. If you don't know what those numbers really mean, trust me - you don't need to care.

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Chromecast App Update Is Live In The Play Store With All Of Today's Announced Features [APK Download]

So, if you haven't heard, Google announced some stuff today. Some of it was Nexus stuff. Some of it was Pixel stuff. Some of it was Android stuff. And some of it was Chromecast stuff.

Alongside the two new Chromecasts — a second-gen HDMI dongle and audio-only dongle — the company also offered up a ton of new features for the Chromecast app, making it infinitely more useful than ever before. No longer just for setting up your new little dongle or changing the backdrop options, this new updated app brings all sorts of additional functionality like finding new content, more backdrop options, and a lot more.

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Chromecast App Update Will Add Content Discovery, Multiple Device Control, And Comprehensive Video Search

In addition to revised hardware for Chromecast and the new Chromcast Audio, Google also announced a new version of the Chromecast app at its San Francisco event. This updated app is more than just a connection tool, it's a content discovery portal, automatically detecting Chromecast and Chromecast Audio-compatible apps on your phone or tablet. It will show popular and personalized content suggestions to users, and recommend new Chromecast apps from the Play Store.

whatson whatsonapps devices

The new default screen is What's On, a sort of pick-and-mix of the Chromecast-compatible content on your phone right now. It's presented in a scrolling list of categories, not unlike the home page of the Play Store app.

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Chromecast Gets A New Model With Improved Wi-Fi And A Hockey Puck Design, Chromecast Audio Connects Speakers To Wi-Fi - Both Available Today For $35 Each

Google's Chromecast streaming gadget was a surprise success when the company introduced it in 2013 - although perhaps not so surprising when you consider that it plays web video from a variety of services and undercuts even the cheapest competitors from the likes of Roku and Apple TV. Chromecast hasn't had a major revision in over two years, perhaps because it hasn't really needed one. But now there's one available, a new hockey puck design with an "dangling" HDMI port, wider Wi-Fi support, and better video thanks to an improved antenna design.

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A Second-Gen Chromecast Is Coming With Higher Resolution, Better Performance, Three Colors, And A $35 Price; Chromecast Audio On The Way Too

New Nexus phones aren't the only thing that Google has in the lineup tomorrow. Sources tell us that the economical Chromecast streaming gadget will be getting its first major revision as well. The new version, codenamed "Earth," will retain the same HDMI dongle design as the original, but come with some exciting new features. We're expecting the price for the second generation Chromecast to remain steady at $35, and it should be available following the announcement tomorrow, September 29th, or shortly thereafter.

Above: the revised Chromecast hardware, from a 9to5Google leak earlier this month.

First of all, the new Chromecast will be available in three colors, Black, Lemonade (yellow), and Coral (pale pink/red).

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Chromecast App Now Has Working Guest Mode So You Don't Have To Share Your Wi-Fi Password

At long last, Chromecast has a functional guest mode. While it presumably has something to do with the update to the Chromecast app that rolled out earlier Wednesday, the change did not appear immediately afterwards. Google apparently flipped a switch on the server side, and suddenly anyone with an up-to-date app can cast to a TV without being on the same Wi-Fi network. We've been waiting for this feature to roll out since it was announced way back in June at Google I/O.

ChromecastGuestScreen1 ChromecastGuestScreen2

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Chromecast App Version 1.9.6 Adds Material Design UI, Beta Screen Casting For All 4.4.2+ Devices

Welcome to Google Update Wednesday, everyone, where you never know quite what you're going to get. The Wheel of Fate has given us a Chromecast update this week, and it's a doozy. A brand new user interface matches the rest of Google's various Material Design apps, more or less. But even more interesting is that the Chromecast app now allows screen casting (where your phone or tablet's screen output appears on your television) for all devices.


Well, sort of. You'll need Android 4.4.2 or better to accomplish this, and even then, Google is making sure you know that those phones and tablets not officially supported by the extremely slow screen casting rollout might not have the best experience.

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