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CTL now sells a Chromebox with an Intel Core i7 for $600

We recently reviewed CTL's entry-level Chromebox CBx1, which comes equipped with an Intel Celeron 3865U processor and 4GB RAM. Despite the mediocre specifications, it's actually a fairly decent computer, especially at the low price of $219.99. If you need a Chromebox with a Core i7 processor for some reason, CTL now sells one for $599.99.

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CTL Chromebox CBx1 review: A good Chrome OS desktop at a great price

Two months ago, we reviewed the Acer Chromebox CXI3. Even though the CXI3 is a fantastic Chrome OS desktop, it's somewhat expensive - the model we reviewed with a Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM costs $519.99. There's a $469.99 Core i3 version and a $289.99 Celeron model, but those are also slightly expensive given the hardware inside.

If you've been looking for a basic Chrome OS desktop, there's another option - the CTL Chromebox CBx1. CTL primarily manufactures computers for the education and government sectors, and the company has been all-in on Chromebooks for years. The Chromebox CBx1 is CTL's first Chrome OS desktop, and it starts at the low price of $219.

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Acer Chromebox CXI3 review: The ultimate Chrome OS desktop

Chrome OS has always been designed with low-power laptops in mind. There have been a few desktop machines over the years, like the ASUS Chromebit and LG Chromebase, but they're vastly outnumbered by Chromebooks. Seemingly out of nowhere, several companies announced new Chrome OS desktops at CES earlier this year - all of which are capable of running Android apps.

Acer's new desktop is the 'Chromebox CXI3,' which went on sale back in April. There are multiple configurations available, from an Intel Celeron version with 4GB of RAM to a Core i7 model with 16GB of RAM. Interestingly, Acer isn't marketing the CXI3 to consumers - it's designed for use in schools, where Chrome OS is wildly popular.

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HP releases Chromebox G2, stock runs dry almost immediately

Chromeboxes aren't often in the news, but it seems like they may have their own dedicated little fanbase. Announced earlier this year, HP's Chromebox G2 went up for sale a couple of hours ago. However, the $199 and $549 models are already completely out of stock, and there are only a handful of units of the $689 and $789 models still available.

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Acer Chromebox CXI3 now available for pre-order, starts at $298

For a while, it seemed like Chrome OS desktops were a thing of the past. Seemingly out of nowhere, HP, Acer, and ASUS all announced new Chromeboxes at CES earlier this year. Details were scarce about Acer's CXI3 desktop, but now the full specifications are available. You can now pre-order the machine from TigerDirect and NextWarehouse, starting at $297.99.

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Viewsonic announces the education-focused NMP660 Chromebox for $349, coming in April

Chrome OS is all the rage in education these days. It's ideal for classroom use, with sandboxed security, low-cost and durable hardware options, and plenty of management tools. Viewsonic is no stranger to the education market, either, with its wireless ViewBoard classroom displays. And now it's pushing out a Chromebox to accompany that display, the new $349 NMP660 which will be available in April. 

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Acer announces new Chromebox, two new Chromebooks

It appears to be new Chromebook season, as Acer has announced the Chromebook Spin 11 (pictured), Chromebook 11 C732, and Chromebox CXI3. All three are priced near the budget end of the price spectrum, with the latter two intended specifically for education and enterprise markets. The newly-announced models are run by 8th generation (Apollo Lake) Intel processors. As with all new Chrome OS devices, the trio support Google Play, allowing them to run Android apps.

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Asus announces Chromebox 3 at CES, with 8th gen Intel Core chip and USB Type-C

While they might be less attractive than a full-fledged Chromebook, desktop computers running Chrome OS have their uses. The Asus Chromebox has been among the best in that form factor, and the company took to CES 2018 to announce a third generation of the device, alongside some other small form factor computing solutions.

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ASUS Chromebit CS10 Review: Testing The Chrome OS Waters Has Never Been Easier (Or More Affordable)

Let me get this out of the way right out of the gate: I love Chrome OS. I wanted to love it back when I reviewed the original Chromebook Pixel some years ago, but it just wasn’t where it needed to be for me. Fastforward a bunch of months, and Google made a ton of useful and thoughtful changes that made Chrome OS a legit desktop contender (for me at least). So, like I said in my recent What We Use post, I made the leap to Chrome OS as my main laptop about 18 months ago (or so) and haven’t looked back.

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