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[Update: Last few hours of deals] 2018 Prime Day deal roundup: All the best phones, Chromebooks, and smart home gadgets on sale [Updated continuously]

Prime Day is in full swing, but it can be hard to keep track of all the different sales happening. Even a few third-party retailers seem to be trying to divert a bit of that attention to themselves with their own promotions. To make things a bit easier for our readers, we're keeping track of all the stuff that we spot together in one place, right here.

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Google testing revamped Chrome OS file manager with better organization of local files

Google emphasizes the online aspects of Chrome OS so strongly that local features have sometimes taken a backseat. For example, file management. Sometimes you just want a file on your Chromebook rather than in Google Drive. Google is testing a tweaked file manager app in the Canary channel that will make managing those files a bit easier.

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[Update: Confirmation] Deal alert: Best Buy might sell you a Pixelbook (i5/256GB) for $720 ($479 off)

The Pixelbook has been out for the better part of a year now, and it's still the best Chromebook money can buy. It does take a lot of money to buy it, though you might be able to save $479 on this device at your local Best Buy.

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[Deal Alert] Grab an Acer Chromebook 14 for Work for $180 ($120 off)

If you're in the market for an affordable laptop, odds are you've already considered a Chromebook. You may even have considered this one: the Acer Chromebook 14 for Work, with its $300 MSRP, is already a fine deal. Now, though, it's on sale at BJ's Wholesale Club for $179.99, a whopping $120 off.

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Linux app support is coming to at least 18 more Chromebooks

Google announced Linux app support in Chrome OS back at I/O, but the Pixelbook was the only compatible device at first. Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer have gained support since then, but Google's latest code addition to Chrome OS points to a raft of devices following suit very soon.

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Acer Chromebook 13 and Spin 13 may be first Chromebooks to ship with day-1 Linux app support

Google revealed Linux app support for Chromebooks at this year's I/O conference, but at the time the only supported device was the first-party Pixelbook. The 2nd device to get the feature was Samsung's ARM-powered Chromebook Plus, and other recently released devices Like HP's Chromebook x2 haven't had Linux app support at all. But, if a recent commit is any indicator, Acer's Chromebook 13 and Chromebook Spin 13 may be the first Chromebooks to run Linux apps from day 1, no update necessary.

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Chrome OS 67 stable is rolling out with improved PWAs, more Material Design, and split-screen for tablets

The last major version update of Chrome OS (66) to hit the stable channel didn't really have any game-changing new features, although it did include magic tether support for more devices and external display improvements. Chrome OS 67 has now landed in stable, and it looks to be a more interesting update to the system that runs on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

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eSIM support coming to Chrome OS, may work with Project Fi

Chromebooks with built-in SIM cards used to be relatively common, but they've fallen out of style in recent years. As Chromebooks become more and more functional offline, the need for always-on cellular connectivity seemingly isn't as important as it used to be. According to recent code commits, it looks like Google might be bringing back cellular support in a big way.

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Chrome OS gets new emoji context menu 😗👌

Chromebooks are slowly closing the feature gap between themselves and more traditional laptops, making them more suited for a wider range of working environments with each passing day. But not all changes have to be a boon to productivity. For example, Chrome OS just got a new input field context menu for emoji. 😉

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Acer announces new Chromebook 13 and 15 models, including 'Spin' 2-in-1s

Acer has made several noteworthy Chromebooks as of late. The company's 15" model from last year was well-received, and the new 2018 Chromebook 11 is a decent product. Acer also manufactured the first Chrome OS tablet, but it's not widely available to consumers. Now the company has announced four new Chromebooks: two 13-inch models, and two 15-inch ones.

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