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Chrome is getting a unified app management page, includes Android apps on Chromebooks

According to the folks at Chrome Story, Chrome's Canary channel just picked up a new app management page, triggered via a new flag. Although it's present across desktop platforms, on Chrome OS this page contains not only Chrome apps (which Google is still trying to retire) but Android apps as well. That's right, Chrome OS is finally picking up a unified way to manage apps — but Linux applications sadly aren't included just yet.

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[Update: Now in Stable] Chrome OS multiple account support is live on the Canary channel

Last September, we told you about an upcoming Chrome OS feature that would allow you to log in multiple Google accounts at once. The skeleton of the feature was there, but it didn't work. For the past months, I've been peeking inside my Pixelbook's settings searching for it and getting disappointed time after time. Well, today brings that wait to an end. Multiple account support is live in the latest Chrome OS Canary version.

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Chrome OS 74 may bring backup and restore for Linux containers

Setting up a new Chrome OS device is a breeze compared to almost any other operating system. Your browsing data, extensions, and even Android apps sync down in a flash. The exception is Linux apps, which only live on a single piece of hardware. That could change as soon as Chrome OS 74 thanks to the inclusion of native backup and restore for Linux containers.

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Save $100 on a Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 from Amazon or Best Buy

Chromebooks are quite plentiful these days, giving consumers a wide variety of choices for an affordable laptop. If you're looking to save some money on one of the mid-rangers, today is your lucky day. Right now, you can save $100 on a Samsung Chromebook Plus.

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HP refreshes classroom-bound Chromebook x360 11 and Chromebook 11 with Intel's latest N-series Celerons

Today HP has announced two new refreshed Chromebooks in it's 11" series targeting the education market: the Chromebook X360 11 G2 and Chromebook 11 G7. As their names suggest, they're both 11" laptops running Chrome OS and designed for that extra durability required in the classroom. That means rubber trim, spill-resistant keyboards, and Gorilla Glass as required.

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HP's AMD-powered Chromebook 14 is available for pre-order at $270, ships next week

For years, we've had to choose between Intel and ARM-based Chromebooks, but a new contender is entering the game. HP announced the first AMD-powered Chromebook at CES this year. Now, you can drop some cash on this first-of-its-kind laptop with shipping next week.

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Asus Chromebook Flip C434 is the first Chromebook worth waiting for in 2019

The Asus Flip 302 has been a very popular Chromebook, but it's no spring chicken anymore. It's time for something new, and Asus is at CES 2019 to oblige. The Chromebook Flip C434 is the successor to the 302, and like that laptop, it has a 360-degree hinge so you can fold it over for tablet or tent usage. The specs are slightly improved with 8th gen Core processors and 8GB of RAM, too. It also looks a bit spiffier, and Asus has kept the price under $600.

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Asus announces the Chromebook Education series with two traditional laptops, a convertible, and a tablet

Chromebooks are popular among consumers, but they're huge in education. Asus has just rolled out a new family of education-focused Chromebooks, which it says are both lightweight and ruggedized. If something does break, the Asus Education series laptops are easy to open up and repair. That's important for anything you're going to give to kids.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 LTE review: The only LTE game in town, but that doesn't mean you should buy it

When Google announced Chrome OS as a platform, it talked about LTE as one of the defining characteristics. At the time, Google pitched Chrome OS as always up-to-date and backed up because your laptop would have a constant connection. There have been some LTE-equipped Chromebooks but none for the past few years as manufacturers have focused more on the budget end of the market. The new Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 brings LTE back to Chrome OS, but it does so with a higher price tag.

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Google Family Link arrives for all Chromebooks, brings a suite of parental control options

With technology ingrained in every facet of our lives, or so it seems, parenting has come with a new set of challenges on top of the ones that were already there. Managing your children's screen time is one of them, and Google is here to help you with that — Family Link is rolling out to Chromebooks on the stable channel (i.e. most of them).

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