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Google unveils two new education-focused Chromebooks and talks about the future

Google is doubling down on Chromebooks by pushing one use case where they are undeniably dominant: education. At the BETT 2017 education technology conference, Google is partnering with Asus and Acer to announce two new Chromebooks that have been optimized for the classroom. It's also hinting at what's coming next for Chromebooks.

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Adobe is optimizing its Android apps for Chromebooks [Update]

You might have heard yesterday that Google promised that all Chromebooks released from 2017 onward would have support for the Play Store out of the box. That's great, but what can you install on them that's going to work well? Adobe has you covered, if you like Adobe's apps. It is releasing updates for six Creative Cloud Android apps to optimize them for use on Chromebooks.

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ExaGear runs your Windows programs on Android devices and Chromebooks with the Play Store

Android apps have gotten more powerful and faster over the years, but there are still times when a desktop program is necessary. Usually that means you need to hop over to your (for example) Windows computer, but the ExaGear Windows Emulator can run those programs on Android. So, Android devices and select Chromebooks have access to a ton of desktop applications in theory. ExaGear is not perfect, and it'll cost you $30 to test yourself.

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[Deal Alert] Various Chromebooks on sale at Best Buy for up to $50 off, plus another $25 off with Visa Checkout

It's not all phones around here—we're also happy to tell you about deals on Chromebooks, provided they run Android apps (them's the rules). All the Chromebooks on discount at Best Buy right now either have support for Android apps or are expected to get it soon. You can get as much as $75 off these machines if you act fast.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro will come with a 2K 12.3-inch screen, 360° hinge, and a stylus pen

Since Google revealed that Android apps and the Play Store will be coming to Chromebooks, most have been eagerly anticipating using their favorite Android apps on a desktop platform. To that end, Samsung will soon be announcing a new Chromebook, named the Samsung Chromebook Pro, according to SamMobile.

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CrossOver for Android runs Windows programs on x86 Android tablets and Chromebooks

If you have ever used Linux, Mac, or another *nix operating system, you've probably heard of Wine. No, not the beverage - it's software that allows Windows programs to run on platforms that aren't Windows. Wine is one of my favorite open-source projects, under development since 1993 and having a massive community of developers and testers. Wine also maintains a database of compatible programs, which should give you an idea of the impressive compatibility.

CrossOver is essentially a commercial version of Wine, offering technical support and easier configuration of programs. Almost three years after development started on CrossOver for Android, CodeWeavers (the company responsible for CrossOver) is finally sharing a working preview on Google Play.

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[Deal Alert] Google Store joins in $100 off Nexus 6P deal, adds $30 off select Chromebooks, $5 off Chromecasts, and more

There's another Nexus 6P sale at retailers like B&H and Newegg, and as usual, Google is catching up with a sale on the Google Store. The 6P is $100 off, but there are some other goodies too. You can get deals on Chromecasts, the Huawei Watch, and more.

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It may soon be possible to run Windows software on Android and Chromebooks

Chromebooks started as just a portal to web apps, but more powerful extensions eventually made them a little more robust. Now, the Play Store is rolling out on Chromebooks to add a ton of new functionality. But... what about Windows apps? A company called CodeWeavers is tantalizingly close to making that happen thanks to the new Android support. So, we're talking about Windows on both Android and Chrome. As you can see from the image above, they are very, very excited about the prospect.

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Google Store Starts Selling The Acer Chromebook 14 And Chromebook 11 (2016)

What's this? These aren't Android devices, true, but Chromebooks will very soon run Android apps. Thus, you might want to know there are two new Chromebooks on sale in the Google Store today. Customers in the US and Canada can pick up the Acer Chromebook 14 or 2016 refresh of the Chromebook 11 right now.

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Google Confirms That The Play Store And Over A Million Android Apps Are Coming To Chrome OS Later This Year

The day has come. Okay, not quite. But you've waited a long time for Android apps to come to Chrome OS. You've left comments. You've replied to comments. You even left more comments. Now your work is being rewarded. As we've all recently heard, Google plans to bring the Play Store to Chromebooks. At Google I/O today, the company has made things official.

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