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Chrome OS beta channel adds inline replies for Android app message notifications

Android has had a direct reply feature since 7.0 Nougat, which lets you respond to messages right from the notification shade. It works on various messaging apps, including several of the many Google chat apps (such as Hangouts and Android Messages). Since a number of Chromebooks now support Android apps downloaded from the Play Store, it stands to reason that this feature should also work on Chrome OS. And now it does, according to François Beaufort of Google's Chrome team.

Inline message replies for select Android apps are now live in the Chrome OS beta channel and they seem to work in much the same way as their Android counterparts.

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[Update: Now available] Lenovo announces three new education-focused Chromebooks

Chromebooks don't have as much power as the average Windows laptop, but they don't need it. These devices can do everything most computer users need and then some. The lower price point is nice, too. Lenovo's latest Chromebooks run the gamut from mid-range to bargain-basement, and all of them have a focus on education.

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Google releases optional security update for Chromebooks, but it wipes all local data

Chrome OS is one of the most secure desktop operating systems on the market (privacy concerns about the Google ecosystem aside). Automatic system updates, verified boot, and system drive encryption all keep your Chromebook safe from attacks. Most models also use a Trusted Platform Module, or TPM, for generating the cryptographic keys that protect local data.

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More Chromebooks may get Google Assistant in the near future

One of the highlighting features of the Google Pixelbook at launch was the native integration of Assistant in the OS itself. It can be activated by either using the "Ok, Google" hotword like normal or via the dedicated Assistant key near the spacebar. But according to XDA, who have been playing around in the Chromium Gerrit, Assistant might be coming to other Chromebooks in the near future.

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[Deal Alert] Get a $50 Amazon gift card when you buy a Chromebook before Christmas

Amazon is making the holiday season all the merrier by offering customers a $50 Amazon gift card with the purchase of select Chromebook hardware. Google's take on the future of portable computing, Chromebooks run the search giant's Chrome OS, a streamlined operating system built entirely around Google's ecosystem of apps and productivity software.

When you consider how affordable the bulk of Chromebooks are to begin with, this Amazon deal is certainly hard to ignore. It would be easy to assume that a "cheap laptop" equates to dismal performance, but several models offered as part of this deal come close to hitting the sweet spot between price, power, and features.

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Microsoft Office Android apps now available on all Chromebooks

For years, one of the most common complaints about Chromebooks was that they couldn't run the Office suite of applications. Microsoft has offered Android apps for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for a few years now, but they weren't made available to all Chromebooks for some reason.

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Chrome OS Canary channel now has keyboard shortcuts for moving windows between monitors

One of the most popular arguments against Chromebooks is a criticism against productivity. Many argue that the operating system precludes a reasonable workflow, and in some cases that's true. If you absolutely require specific applications, you're unarguably stuck on whatever platform those programs support. But if you can find sites or Android apps that can replace the tools you need, now juggling those windows in a multi-monitor workflow will be that much easier, as the current Canary channel now has support for keyboard shortcuts to move windows between monitors. 

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[Who needs iMessage?] Someday you may be able to send and receive SMS using your Chromebook

A bit over a month ago, we heard that Chromebooks might be getting SMS notification support via something called SMS Connect, which was exciting news. The folks over at Chrome Unboxed, who initially discovered this coming functionality, just found a bit more information on the subject. Not only will we be able to see when we get an SMS, but we might even be able to read and reply to them, all from the comfort of your Chromebook. 

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Chromebooks are closing the native app feature gap with better multi-monitor support

A ton of Chromebooks these days support Android apps. But, if you've plugged one of those devices into an external monitor, you might have noticed apps were confined to your primary display. The folks at Chrome Unboxed spotted some changes to Chrome OS that allow for apps to be moved between screens, as well as the ability to launch apps directly on the secondary display.

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