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Asus Chromebook Flip C436 preorders start at $800, making it the most expensive Flip yet (Update: Removed)

Asus revealed its new flagship Chromebook at CES earlier this month, the Flip C436. Compared to the previous C434, it offers a thinner design, significant processor upgrades, and more storage. However, if you were hoping Asus would stay in the ~$550 price range, I have some bad news for you.

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CTL releases new budget Chromebook VX11 with durable design and $210 price tag

CTL primarily develops Chromebooks for schools and businesses, usually offering good hardware for the price. We've already reviewed the company's desktop PC and rugged Chromebook, and now CTL is taking pre-orders for a new budget laptop.

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10 great productivity web apps for your Chromebook and Android phone

Web apps come in all forms and shapes, but Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are some of the best as they're basically a marriage between native applications and websites. On Chrome OS, they come as close as can be to proper programs, many complete with offline support. If you're used to working with Windows or macOS, PWAs might make it easier for you to get through your workday at home, but you can also use these on any platform to enhance your productivity.

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8 Chrome extensions that help you stay productive on your Chromebook

A lot of people are starting to get accustomed to remote working, considering that many countries have mandated shutdowns and quarantines to battle the novel coronavirus. While working from home may be comfortable and fun at first, you need to have the right tools at your disposal to be efficient and stay productive. If you have a Chromebook, the best way to tailor your working experience to your needs is via browser extensions, and we've got a collection of eight great tools for you.

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The best cheap Chromebooks for working from home

The coronavirus outbreak is causing more people to work from home than at any other point in history, and not everyone has all the equipment they need. Chromebooks are incredibly popular for their ease-of-use and (mostly) competitive pricing, so if you can accomplish everything using just a web browser, they're certainly worth looking into.

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Lenovo's C340 Chromebook is now on sale for $400 ($30 off)

Lenovo has been producing Chromebooks for years, and the 15-inch C340 is one of the company's newer models. Now the C340 Chromebook has dropped to $399.99, a $30 discount from the usual cost, and the lowest recorded price yet.

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Google introduces new 'Works with Chromebook' badge for supported accessories

Chromebooks generally work with a wide array of keyboards, mice, touchpads, gamepads, flash drives, and other accessories, thanks to the Linux kernel at the core of Chrome OS. However, there are still cases where it's not clear if a certain adapter or other accessory will work with Chromebooks, and that's what Google aims to address.

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Chrome OS will soon have an app for managing print jobs

Printers are terrible, but in many circumstances, they are a necessary evil — especially in the offices and schools where Chromebooks have a stronghold. Chrome OS has been slowly expanding its support for printing over the past few years, as native printing (without Google Cloud Print) arrived in mid-2017, and last year's Chrome OS 78 update made further improvements. Now Google is preparing another key update: a print manager.

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Chromebooks get PIP for Netflix, Ambient EQ coming to more devices

Picture-in-picture, or PIP, is easy to take for granted when the majority of services and devices have supported it for years. But for those of us using Chromebooks, that's not the case. Hardly any apps or services supported it at all until Google released a Chrome extension last January that allowed you to trigger PIP with a keyboard shortcut. It was a start, but having to activate it manually each time was a pain. Thankfully, PIP will now work as it does on Android if you're using Netflix.

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Grab the excellent Stardew Valley for free if you recently bought a Chromebook

Chromebook owners can redeem a lot of freebies through Google, but the problem is that many users never realize these offers exist or stop checking after they redeem the first batch. That's why we like pointing out newly-added perks to remind you to grab them before it's too late. The two latest additions are for gamers: the excellent Stardew Valley and an IAP in Lineage 2.

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