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You can pick up Doom and Doom II for free if you bought a Chromebook

Chromebook ownership comes with plenty of perks: Android app support, stellar battery life, low hardware prices. But on top of all those implicit benefits are a handful of external perks Google provides in a constantly-changing selection — free stuff like apps, games, and Drive storage space. Chromebook owners will now be able to snag Doom, Doom II, and The Elder Scrolls: Legends Fall of the Dark Brotherhood expansion, though these offers aren't working for everyone.

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Grab the excellent Stardew Valley for free if you recently bought a Chromebook

Chromebook owners can redeem a lot of freebies through Google, but the problem is that many users never realize these offers exist or stop checking after they redeem the first batch. That's why we like pointing out newly-added perks to remind you to grab them before it's too late. The two latest additions are for gamers: the excellent Stardew Valley and an IAP in Lineage 2.

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[Free Alert] Grab 6 months of Netflix for absolutely nothing if you own a Pixelbook or a Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro

Google often likes to give free things to people after they've purchased their products. Just look at Chromecast owners and all the Google Play credit they're drowning in. Now the same thing appears to be happening to owners of certain Chromebooks; if you own a Google Pixelbook, a Samsung Chromebook Plus, or a Samsung Chromebook Pro, you can get six months of Netflix for the incredible price of free.99.

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