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Closing your perfectly innocent incognito tabs will no longer cause Chrome to freeze

For the last two months, spanning from Chrome version 84 to 85, some people have been experiencing spontaneous interface freezes, mostly when trying to close their last incognito tab. Google acknowledge the issue quickly and promised a timely fix, and it seems like it's finally rolling out with the latest minor Chrome update. People on version 85.0.4183.127 report that the freezes have stopped for them, and the corresponding entry in the Chromium bug tracker has been marked as fixed.

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Google's Advanced Protection Program now offers improved malware detection in Chrome

Google’s Advanced Protection Program gives users an extra security layer to protect their online accounts and data from prying eyes, especially useful for journalists, activists, and the like. For over a year, the initiative has alerted users of potentially malicious files downloaded through Chrome. Google is now taking that a step further to make the tool even more useful in identifying malware.

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Google Chrome's overflow menu is about to get easier to navigate

Google Chrome's overflow menu on Android has been rather hard to navigate for ages — it mostly consists of text-only entries, so whenever you try to find something in it without relying on muscle memory, you're forced to read through every single label. Google seems to recognize this problem, as it's experimenting with a redesigned menu in Chrome Beta that groups the entries and adds icons to each of them.

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Chrome Beta 86 rolls out Native File System API, makes changing stolen passwords easier, and more (APK Download)

Just last week, Chrome 85 rolled out to the stable branch across desktop and mobile platforms, with a heap of interface changes and new developer features. Chrome 86 has now graduated to the Beta Channel, and it mostly focuses on new capabilities for web developers. Let's jump right in!

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Tab search feature looks set to arrive with Chrome OS 86

If you're the type of person who keeps way too many tabs open across multiple browser windows — looking at you, Ryne Hager — a tab search feature would no doubt come in handy. Thankfully, that's exactly what Google has been working on. A functional version of the feature can be found in the latest Chrome OS 86 dev channel build, which suggests it'll be present in the next stable update.

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Chrome OS 85 comes with Wi-Fi password sync, redesigned settings search, and a mic volume slider

Google is working on a Phone Hub similar to Microsoft Your Phone that will make your handset interact better with your Chromebook, but the company isn't ready to bring the feature to stable just yet. In the latest release of Chrome OS, version 85, the company instead focuses on many little things that make for an overall better experience: Wi-Fi password sync, improved settings search, and a volume slider for your microphone.

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Google is bringing Secure DNS to Chrome on Android

The Google Chrome browser on desktop debuted a feature called Secure DNS a few months ago with version 85, and now the Android app is catching up. With Chrome 85, Google is extending support to the mobile app so users can get additional peace of mind while surfing the web.

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Chrome 85 replaces the share sheet, improves desktop interface, and more (APK Download)

It has been about a month since Chrome 85 appeared in the Beta Channel, and now Google is starting to roll it out to the stable branch. There aren't many easily-visible changes, but as the old Transformers theme says, there's more than meets the eye.

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Chrome is getting faster, with better tabs and easier content sharing

Today Google is announcing a handful of changes to its popular Chrome browser, including a whole pile of enhancements to tabbed navigation across platforms, the QR code page sharing feature it rolled out last month, the ability to save edited PDFs from right inside Chrome, plus performance improvements that will make the next Chrome release up to 10% faster. As usual for Google, though, some of these changes are older things that already rolled out behind feature flags, but now they're official.

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How to play GeForce Now in your Chrome browser without installing anything on your PC or Linux machine

While Google Stadia needs nothing but your browser to work, the story is different for GeForce Now. Nvidia would like you to install its dedicated application for its game streaming service on Windows and Mac. But ever since GeForce Now is available on Chromebooks, we know that it's capable of running inside Chrome, and where there's a will, there's a way. By spoofing your browser user agent with an official Google tool, you can use GeForce Now right in Chrome on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine — nothing but an extension required.

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