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Google Finally Marks The Chrome To Phone App As Deprecated


Chrome To Mobile And 'Print To My Phone' Are Being Shut Down Next Month, Google Says To Use Chrome Tab Sync Instead

You will soon have fewer options for getting web content from your computer to your phone. Google is pulling the Chrome to Mobile browser extension and shutting down the "Print to my Phone" feature from  Google Cloud Print in early February. Users are instructed to use tab sync instead.


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Google Introduces Chrome To Mobile Beta – Send Live URLs To Chrome For Android In A Snap

It looks like users lucky enough to be running Google's Chrome for Android Beta now have access to another sweet treat – Chrome to Mobile Beta. Reminiscent of Chrome to Phone, Chrome to Mobile Beta is an extension for both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome that enables users to send live URLs from their computer to an Ice Cream Sandwich-powered mobile device, also allowing copies to be sent for offline viewing.

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