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Scrollable tabstrip 'in the works' for Google Chrome, according to engineer

I'm generally borderline obsessive about closing Chrome tabs I'm not using, but some people like to test the limits of their RAM by keeping dozens open at any given time. Chrome engineer Peter Kasting has shared some good news for such users: the browser's tabstrip will eventually be scrollable.

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Android N Developer Preview 3 Allows Side By Side Chrome Windows In Multi-Window Mode

Confession: as a web writer who has to constantly research new stories, keep an eye on social networks, stay in contact with my coworkers, and see if that jerk on eBay has outbid me for the LEGO T-rex from the Dino Defense HQ set, I often have dozens and dozens of Chrome tabs open on my desktop by the end of the day. That sort of wanton disregard for computer memory doesn't really translate over to mobile, where the single screen limits multitasking to a certain degree. But Google is going to enable my bad habits on Android phones and tablets soon: in the third developer preview of Android N, users can open Chrome windows side by side.

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