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Asus announces the Chromebook Education series with two traditional laptops, a convertible, and a tablet

Chromebooks are popular among consumers, but they're huge in education. Asus has just rolled out a new family of education-focused Chromebooks, which it says are both lightweight and ruggedized. If something does break, the Asus Education series laptops are easy to open up and repair. That's important for anything you're going to give to kids.

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HP's Chromebook x2 is a $600 detachable Chrome OS tablet with a stylus

HP announced a brand-new Chromebook today, the very plainly-named HP Chromebook x2. You wouldn't guess by the branding, but this is the world's first detachable Chrome OS device, and the 12.3" tablet includes the keyboard dock and a stylus in its $599 asking price. Essentially, HP is trying to position this as a more affordable option to an iPad Pro with a keyboard cover and Apple Pencil - though I can't say I'd ever expect creative pros to flock to Chrome OS, even with Android apps on board.

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Ready or not, Chrome OS tablets must replace Android tablets

Android tablets are not and were not ever very good. There. I said it.

From the very first devices that launched without Google's blessing, to the overhyped, underdelivering ones that did, all the way through Google's last-ditch effort to save them, Android tablets never hit their stride.

Sure, there were some bright spots, occasionally. Like the 2013 Nexus 7, which was beloved for its low cost and simplicity. It was the antithesis of the $500 iPad: a frugal hot hatchback to Apple's fully-loaded luxury sedan. But the Nexus 7, and most small, inexpensive tablets, were short-lived in their mainstream popularity as our phones started growing larger and larger.

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Acer Chromebook Tab 10, the first Chrome OS tablet, announced for the education market

Chrome OS and Android have progressively grown together over the past few years, from apps to tighter integrations. Acer is taking things one step further with the first of its kind, the Chromebook Tab 10. A dedicated tablet running Google's desktop OS, Acer is keeping its sights on the education market, much to some of our dismay.

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Google Pushing Chrome OS For Tablets, Bringing Android To TVs, May Be Confused

During his keynote speech at IFA, Eric Schmidt made some interesting comments in regards to Android, tablets, and TVs. Specifically, TV's would be shipping with Google TV software on board (rather than as add-on hardware), and tablets will run Chrome OS rather than Android.


That tablets will primarily run Chrome OS may come as a surprise to some people - after all, nearly every tablet that doesn't run Windows (or iOS) runs Android. Hell, just take a look at this list:

However, Chrome OS can be a solid fit for tablets, with one fairly serious caveat: you need a nearly constant data connection.

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