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Google Chrome Remote Desktop web app exits beta and replaces aging Chrome app

Google has been working with developers to gradually kill Chrome apps to replace them with Progressive Web Apps, which are easier to build and work across platforms. It's only natural for the company to do the same with its own software, as it is now encouraging users to switch to Chrome Remote Desktop's web app.

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Chrome Remote Desktop v71 adds non-functional display resize feature, and not much else [APK Download]

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of Google's lesser-known services, but it's still incredibly useful. It allows you to remotely control a computer from another computer, phone, or tablet — complete with audio support. The Android app just received its first update in around six months, but the main feature isn't working yet.

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Google releases web app version of Chrome Remote Desktop

Google is trying to phase out Chrome Web Store apps, in favor of more modern (and cross-platform) Progressive Web Apps. One of the most well-known Chrome apps is Chrome Remote Desktop, a remote management tool similar to VNC or TeamViewer. While it was originally designed to give Chromebooks a proper remote desktop application, it has also become popular as a TeamViewer alternative.

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Chrome Remote Desktop updated with improved performance, more responsive click-drag, and more


Chrome Remote Desktop 53 adds remote sound support [APK Download]

Chrome Remote Desktop is a rather obscure Google product, but that doesn't mean it's not useful. Once the desktop application is installed, you can control it from any Android device, iOS device, or computer (with Chrome). In my testing, it actually works extremely well, often with a lower latency than popular remote access applications like TeamViewer.

The latest update, Chrome Remote Desktop 53, finally brings remote sound support.

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Chrome Remote Desktop's First Update In Months Adds A Material Interface And A Touch Mode [APK Download]

Chrome Remote Desktop had been stuck on version 44 since July 2015, until an update rolled out today to version 49 (it follows Chrome's version numbers). With it come a few interface improvements that make the app a lot more Material and a new touch mode that creates a new interaction method with your remote desktop.

First things first, the main interface has now gotten a better title bar, a spec-compliant side-menu, and the color scheme has switched from a mix of blue and green to a more unified blue. You will also notice from my screenshots that computers now show their status if they have been offline for a while.

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Chrome Remote Desktop v36 Adds Full Screen Immersive Mode [APK Download]

The Chrome Remote Desktop app was long overdue when Google finally launched it a few weeks back, and already there's a much requested feature addition. As of the newest update, which started rolling out yesterday, the app supports immersive mode on Android 4.4.

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of April 2014

April was a big month for Android apps, especially if you like yours to come directly from Google. We've also got admirable entries from big web names like Dropbox and IFTTT, as well as surprising applications from smaller developers. This is the cream of the crop of Android apps for last month, plus a few honorable mentions, in no particular order.


Google Camera

Good grief, Google, you guys took your sweet time with this one. But good things come to those who wait, and while this isn't exactly an AOSP camera, it's the new Android standard. While the Google Camera app isn't dramatically better than the apps that come from the manufacturers, it does have some rather unique properties.

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Hands-On With Google's New Chrome Remote Desktop App

Google released the Chrome Remote Desktop extension a while back, but it was designed for use with other computers. That's fine if you have one handy, but your phone or tablet is probably more readily available. I know that 95% of my remote desktop access happens from a mobile device, so it makes sense that Google would have a Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android – it just took a long time to happen. No matter, though. It's here and now we can take it for a spin.

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