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The CrossOver Preview for Android now supports Office 2013, multi-window, and more

CodeWeavers is well-known for its CrossOver software, which allows some Windows programs to run on Mac and Linux. Back in August of last year, the company released a preview of CrossOver for Android, designed for Chromebooks with the Play Store and x86-based Android devices. Now CodeWeavers has released an update to the Preview, bringing several major improvements.

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Google is working on bringing Android Studio to Chrome OS

Chrome OS is often characterized (somewhat unfairly) as just a glorified web browser; and if your needs involve powerful photo editing tools like Photoshop, video editing packages like Adobe Premiere or Apple's Final Cut Pro X, modeling tools with complicated features like Blender or Solidworks, or an assortment of other powerful software tools, it's not hard to see how that perception came to be. Software development is another area where things aren't too rosy – unless you're a web developer. However, a clue has popped up that suggests Android Studio may be coming to Chrome OS.

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Google unveils two new education-focused Chromebooks and talks about the future

Google is doubling down on Chromebooks by pushing one use case where they are undeniably dominant: education. At the BETT 2017 education technology conference, Google is partnering with Asus and Acer to announce two new Chromebooks that have been optimized for the classroom. It's also hinting at what's coming next for Chromebooks.

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Adobe is optimizing its Android apps for Chromebooks [Update]

You might have heard yesterday that Google promised that all Chromebooks released from 2017 onward would have support for the Play Store out of the box. That's great, but what can you install on them that's going to work well? Adobe has you covered, if you like Adobe's apps. It is releasing updates for six Creative Cloud Android apps to optimize them for use on Chromebooks.

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Android 7.1 is being developed for Chrome OS, adds in freeform mode and window resizing

'This is Chrome OS's year,' people say optimistically as they think for the gazillionth time about buying a Chromebook. Hell, I'm one of those people. Will it be 2017? Maybe. With the upcoming release of Samsung's new Chromebook Plus and Pro, and the wider release of Android apps on the Chrome OS stable channel, it's definitely possible. Now, more exciting news has come our way from Chrome Unboxed, in that Android 7.1 is being actively developed and tested for Chrome OS.

What does this actually mean? Basically, it means that the apps running on Chrome OS will gain features Android 7.1 has.

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Lenovo's funky Yoga Book laptop will get a Chrome OS option next year

The Yoga Book is definitely one of the most interesting and divisive laptop designs to come out in a while - users either love or hate its touchscreen/keyboard deck hook. To a digital artist its integrated "Create Pad" is a godsend, but a mechanical keyboard fan probably sees its integrated haptic key layout as sacrilege. Either way, you'll soon have more options if you want to check out that unique hardware: a Lenovo executive told a Tom's guide reporter that the Yoga Book would be sold in a Chrome OS model in 2017.

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[Deal Alert] Various Chromebooks on sale at Best Buy for up to $50 off, plus another $25 off with Visa Checkout

It's not all phones around here—we're also happy to tell you about deals on Chromebooks, provided they run Android apps (them's the rules). All the Chromebooks on discount at Best Buy right now either have support for Android apps or are expected to get it soon. You can get as much as $75 off these machines if you act fast.

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Enpass Password Manager brings its Android app to the Chromebook, with offline support and autofill

For more than a year, I have been using Enpass to save my passwords and other personal information, and absolutely loving it. I know there are alternatives, but for more reasons than I can count, Enpass is the best for me. If you're an Enpass user as well, there's probably one piece of the puzzle that you've been missing: Chromebook support. The existing Enpass Chrome extension only works if you are on a desktop computer with the Enpass app installed, so it's of no use on Chrome OS. But ever since Google announced Android apps would be able to run on Chrome OS, the Enpass dev has been hard at work making his app compatible with the platform.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro will come with a 2K 12.3-inch screen, 360° hinge, and a stylus pen

Since Google revealed that Android apps and the Play Store will be coming to Chromebooks, most have been eagerly anticipating using their favorite Android apps on a desktop platform. To that end, Samsung will soon be announcing a new Chromebook, named the Samsung Chromebook Pro, according to SamMobile.

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Chromebook Pixel 2 gets Android apps on the Chrome OS stable channel

A few days ago, Google released Android apps to two Chromebooks: the Acer Chromebook R11 and the ASUS Chromebook Flip. These arrived with version 53 of Chrome OS, on the stable channel. However, the Chromebook Pixel 2, which has had Android apps in beta up until now, has been waiting for the stable release. This painful period is over, Pixel 2 owners, because you too can now join in on the Android fun with the release of stable Chrome OS 53 to last year's flagship Chromebook.

From what we can tell, it works the same way as it did on the beta.

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