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Google is working on a Chrome OS emulator for the Android SDK

As more and more Chromebooks support running Android apps, it's becoming more important than ever to make sure developers create Chromebook-friendly apps. Google offers extensive documentation to help developers, but there was no way to test these apps without buying a real Chromebook. Thankfully, that could change soon, as recent code commits indicate a Chrome OS emulator will be arriving soon in the Android SDK.

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Acer Chromebook 15 hands-on: One big Chromebook

Chromebooks are mostly clustered toward the bottom of the market, and that often means the materials are unimpressive, features are lacking, and the build quality is mediocre. Acer has announced an updated version of its 15-inch Chromebook at IFA 2017 and it's none of that. This device has been slimmed down compared to the last Acer CB15, it has better battery life (up to 12 hours), and it's gained an aluminum frame. You're still not going to get the best hardware out there, but this Chromebook could be just what some people want.

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[Who needs iMessage?] Someday you may be able to send and receive SMS using your Chromebook

A bit over a month ago, we heard that Chromebooks might be getting SMS notification support via something called SMS Connect, which was exciting news. The folks over at Chrome Unboxed, who initially discovered this coming functionality, just found a bit more information on the subject. Not only will we be able to see when we get an SMS, but we might even be able to read and reply to them, all from the comfort of your Chromebook. 

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Chromebooks are closing the native app feature gap with better multi-monitor support

A ton of Chromebooks these days support Android apps. But, if you've plugged one of those devices into an external monitor, you might have noticed apps were confined to your primary display. The folks at Chrome Unboxed spotted some changes to Chrome OS that allow for apps to be moved between screens, as well as the ability to launch apps directly on the secondary display.

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[Update x2: Even more models] Chromebooks from ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, and others get the Play Store

It's taking a while, but Google is delivering on its promise to add the Play Store to all Chromebooks made in 2017 and beyond. Over a dozen models received Android app support this summer, but only in the Chrome OS Beta Channel. Three more models now have the Play Store in Chrome OS Stable, meaning owners don't have to switch to a less-stable version of Chrome OS to use Android apps.

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Chromebooks will soon have a 'Recent' folder for finding your latest-accessed files

Chromebooks aren't just for a quick bit of browsing these days. Some people use them for general productivity, including those of us here at Android Police. So Chrome OS' latest addition to the Canary builds is something we can get excited about. As of a few days back, the Chrome OS Canary builds were updated to add a shortcut to a folder filled with recent-accessed files, making your work a few taps easier. Everyone loves an improved workflow.

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Google introduces Chrome Enterprise subscription for businesses

Chromebooks have become increasingly popular in education, thanks to their ease of use for both students and IT staff. Google is looking to expand Chromebook usage in another market - businesses. Today, the company announced Chrome Enterprise, a subscription service for managing large amounts of Chrome OS devices.

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Chrome OS set to get trackpad pinch-to-zoom, launcher gestures, and back button

Chrome OS started off as a very basic computer operating system, but over time it gained touchscreen capabilities and even the option to run Android apps. This naturally calls for more input and navigation capabilities, and some additions to the Chromium open source code indicates Google is hard at work on that. In the not too distant future, we should see features like trackpad zooming on Chromebooks, but maybe not all Chromebooks.

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HP Chromebook X360 11 G1 EE gets Android app support in Chrome OS Stable Channel

Google has promised that all Chromebooks launched from 2017 onwards would support Android apps, but it's taking the company a little while to deliver on that claim. The HP Chromebook X360 11 G1 EE (wow, that's a long name) is one of many Chromebooks released this year, but until now Android app support on it has been limited to the Chrome OS Beta Channel.

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