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Chrome OS will soon have Android's Smart Text Selection

Smart Text Selection was introduced in Android 8.0 Oreo, and has two components. First, when you tap on a word, it selects the entire phrase (e.g. tapping 'Disney' expands to 'Disney World'). Second, it suggests an action or two based on what is selected (e.g. a link to Google Maps appears when selecting an address).

Chrome OS has been adopting plenty of Android features lately, and it looks like Smart Text Selection is next.

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[Update: Live] Chrome may soon add ability to import new tab backgrounds from Google Photos

Google added the option to customize Chrome's new tab page with a very familiar-looking selection of wallpapers last month. But if you thought Google was done working on the new tab page, you'd be wrong. About Chromebooks recently discovered a new change in Chromium Gerrit that'll allow users to import their new tab backgrounds from Google Photos as well.

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Google testing revamped Chrome OS file manager with better organization of local files

Google emphasizes the online aspects of Chrome OS so strongly that local features have sometimes taken a backseat. For example, file management. Sometimes you just want a file on your Chromebook rather than in Google Drive. Google is testing a tweaked file manager app in the Canary channel that will make managing those files a bit easier.

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Acer Chromebox CXI3 review: The ultimate Chrome OS desktop

Chrome OS has always been designed with low-power laptops in mind. There have been a few desktop machines over the years, like the ASUS Chromebit and LG Chromebase, but they're vastly outnumbered by Chromebooks. Seemingly out of nowhere, several companies announced new Chrome OS desktops at CES earlier this year - all of which are capable of running Android apps.

Acer's new desktop is the 'Chromebox CXI3,' which went on sale back in April. There are multiple configurations available, from an Intel Celeron version with 4GB of RAM to a Core i7 model with 16GB of RAM. Interestingly, Acer isn't marketing the CXI3 to consumers - it's designed for use in schools, where Chrome OS is wildly popular.

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Chrome OS gets Android app shortcuts in the dev channel

Google has worked to make Android apps feel at home on Chrome OS, and we've certainly come a long way. Your apps will be even more integrated soon with support for app shortcuts on the Chrome OS desktop. This feature is only in the dev channel right now, but it should eventually filter down to beta and stable.

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[Deal Alert] The high-end Pixelbook (Core i7, 512GB) is on sale for $1,499 ($150 off)

Google's Pixelbook is a far cry from those cheap Chromebooks you can pick up on impulse. It can be hard to justify the base model Pixelbook, let alone the $1,649 premium model. That version of the device is a bit cheaper today, though. If you were already looking at the Pixelbook, maybe this will convince you to step up to the best version.

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Linux app support is coming to at least 18 more Chromebooks

Google announced Linux app support in Chrome OS back at I/O, but the Pixelbook was the only compatible device at first. Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer have gained support since then, but Google's latest code addition to Chrome OS points to a raft of devices following suit very soon.

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Samsung Chromebook Plus v2 now available at Best Buy for $499.99

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung announced a second version of its Chromebook Plus with some improvements but also some drawbacks. Now you can buy this Chromebook Plus v2 from Best Buy if you're interested, for $499.99.

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Acer Chromebook Spin 11 (2018) review: Costs too much for what you get

Chromebooks now spread across a wide range of price points. You have the ultra-premium Pixelbook, complete with a really high cost, and mid-range options like the Samsung Chromebook Pro. Then you have the budget models — it's still surprising to me that you can pick up a functional laptop that does most everything that a normal person needs for a few hundred bucks.

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20 of the best keyboard compatible Android games for Chrome OS

In light of the recent sale for the Google Pixelbook (that ends today, so make sure to grab one while you can), I thought it might be helpful to roundup some of the better Android games that are compatible with Chrome OS and work well with the keyboard. I for one hate getting fingerprints all over my screen, plus I also find a keyboard and mouse to be the optimal way to play a lot of games. Luckily Android has quite a few PC ports that have retained their keyboard functionality, and there are also more than a few high profile mobile releases that have added in keyboard support thanks to the rising popularity of Chrome OS.

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