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Chrome OS might be getting facial recognition

So in some good news, it looks like Chrome OS will get face recognition in the future for upcoming Chromebooks. If you use Google's desktop OS, then you know how frustrating logging in can be, even with the PIN or phone Smart Lock systems, so this will hopefully address that inconvenience.

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9 Android apps worth using on your Chromebook

So many Android apps, but which ones work with best with Chrome OS? Here are a few to get you started.

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New Chrome OS v69 beta hits the Pixelbook with Linux support, night light, and more

Google announced Linux app support on Chrome OS back at I/O, but it's been slow to move it out of the dev channel. Finally, the Pixelbook just got a new build of Chrome v69 update that adds the beta Linux support. That's not all—this was a rather major update.

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[Update: Still uncertain] Many older Chromebooks won't get Linux apps, including the 2015 Chromebook Pixel

Google announced earlier this year that Linux apps would eventually be supported on Chrome OS. The feature has been available for months in the Canary and Dev channels, and now works on a variety of Chromebooks from multiple manufacturers. A merged pull request on the Chromium Gerrit now confirms that any device running the Linux kernel 3.14 (or older) will never get Linux app support.

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Gboard v7.5 prepares clipboard integration, hotkey shortcuts for Chrome OS, and more [APK Teardown]

The latest Gboard update landed a couple of days ago with "Minis" sticker packs, a feature developed originally  for the Allo messenger. However, as the story often goes with Gboard, there's still more to be seen with a teardown. There are the first hints about clipboard integration and some kind of hotkey support for Chrome OS. Follow-ups are also here for a previously spotted floating keyboard and the morse code input introduced earlier this year.

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How to install Linux applications on Chrome OS

One of the most exciting new features in Chrome OS is the ability to run applications designed for Linux. Most software that can run on Ubuntu, Debian, or other Linux distributions will work. This is the first time it has been possible to (officially) run traditional desktop software on Chromebooks, and the possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, the feature is a bit tricky to figure out if you don't already have experience with Linux. In this guide, we'll show you how to set up the Linux container on your Chromebook and how to install applications.

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Chrome OS 68 rolling out with Material Design updates, PIN sign-in support, and more

Chrome 68 was released about two weeks ago, and Chrome 69 just arrived in the beta channel. There's usually a week delay between Chrome and Chrome OS being updated, and now Chromebooks are being updated to v68. This release includes an updated Material Design UI, PIN support for signing in, camera improvements, and more.

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Chrome OS can now install Linux apps from .deb packages

Linux applications are usually distributed in one of two ways - through a software repository, or by downloading an installer package from a website. For example, the Steam download page offers a .deb package for Linux users. Even though Linux app support on Chrome OS is improving rapidly, there has never been an obvious way to install .deb packages - until now.

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Google Camera app is coming to Pixelbook and other future Chromebooks

Chromebooks have been steadily improving over the last few years, to the point where the Google Pixelbook offers genuine competition to high-end MacBooks and Windows machines (depending on what you use a laptop for). However, the camera experience is still sorely lacking.

The Google Camera app is probably the best mobile camera software around, with its HDR+ and portrait mode allowing Pixel phones to match the imaging performance of other devices with dual and even triple-camera setups. With Android apps now available on numerous Chromebooks, why not make use of that already excellent app? Thankfully, that seems to be the plan.

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Google fires shots at Microsoft and Apple with new Chromebook ad

Google has made countless advertisements for Chromebooks, but none of them have directly pointed out flaws in traditional operating systems like Windows and macOS - until now. The company just released a new Chromebook commercial that calls out its competitors for being annoying, buggy, and slow.

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