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Chrome will officially shut down Supervised Users feature in October 2018

Google announced the deprecation of Chrome Supervised Users at the start of 2018. The tool let a Chrome user to allow, block, or manage access to sites for supervised users designated under their account. Now we know that v70 of the browser, slated for an October 2018 release, will mark the official end for the feature.

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Chrome is deprecating Supervised Users, says it'll launch new Chrome OS supervision features later this year

In today's other sunsetting news, Chrome is deprecating its Supervised Users feature, which was in beta and allowed you to have Chrome users under your profile but with limited access to certain features - think young children and teenagers. Google emailed users who had set up Supervised Users to let them know that starting January 12, they won't be able to create or import supervised users, and three days after that, the management dashboard won't allow them to change any settings for their existing supervised users.

Here's the full email, in case you haven't received it yet:

Important update on Chrome Supervised Users
We’re writing to you because you created a Chrome Supervised User in the past.

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