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Chromebook Pixel (2015) and Acer R11 getting Play Store Dev Channel updates now

Last month, the Chromebook Flip became the first Chrome OS device to gain access to Android apps and the Google Play Store. Today, it appears that rollout has continued as Google said it would, with the Chromebook Pixel (2015) and Acer R11. The build is still based on developer channel release version 53, though the Pixel 2015's version number specifically is 53.0.2785.15.

If you own one of these devices and are wondering if you should move to the developer channel (assuming you haven't already), let me give you my quick take on the state of affairs with Android apps on Chrome OS at the moment.

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Video: hands-on with Android apps and the Play Store on Chrome OS

In our latest video, Facundo Holzmeister goes hands-on with Android apps and the Play Store on Chrome OS using the Chromebook Flip. I've used the Flip's Android apps a fair bit now, and I have to say, while the experience is buggy, it does hold a lot of promise. Our video hands-on should give you a better idea of what the whole thing looks and feels like, as well as some of Facundo's thoughts on how things are progressing. For now, things do break, some don't work, and others just feel oddly out of place - but the things that do work often work well, and it's hard not to be excited about the future of Android apps on Chrome OS.

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Chrome Developer channel 53 rolling out to ASUS Chromebook Flip now, Play Store in tow

Have a Chromebook Flip? Get it on the developer channel ASAP - the Play Store update is rolling out now. I've had very little chance to mess with it, but the apps I have used (Hangouts, Maps, Search, the Play Store) all seem to run pretty well. Funnily, the Play Store still allowed to install Google Now Launcher... but you can't change the launcher, since the launcher is the windowed app mode.

I haven't tried any games yet, and a number of apps you might want - like Google+ or Talon for Twitter - are marked incompatible at this time. The developers will likely need to account for the hardware capabilities of the Flip and other Chromebooks (specifically, the things it lacks) and be sure to tailor their apps to devices without certain features down the road.

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