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Chrome OS can now install Linux apps from .deb packages

Linux applications are usually distributed in one of two ways - through a software repository, or by downloading an installer package from a website. For example, the Steam download page offers a .deb package for Linux users. Even though Linux app support on Chrome OS is improving rapidly, there has never been an obvious way to install .deb packages - until now.

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Android files will finally be accessible from Chrome OS file manager

Android apps generally work well on Chrome OS these days, but there was one nagging issue left unresolved - file management. While you could access the Chrome OS Downloads folder from Android apps, the Chrome Files app couldn't see the entire Android file system. At long last, that is finally changing.

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[Update: Part of larger redesign] Linux files will be accessible from Chrome OS file manager

Android app support on Chrome OS is generally great at this point, but there has always been one sticking point - transferring data. The Android file system still doesn't appear in Chrome OS, so the only way to copy files is place them in the Downloads folder (which is an alias for Chrome's Downloads folder) from an Android file manager.

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