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Chrome OS 'Better Together' feature shows up in Dev channel

Google has been working on a Chrome OS phone syncing feature for over a year, called 'Better Together'. It started out as a way to respond to SMS messages from your phone on your Chromebook, but it has evolved into something more general-purpose. Now the functionality is rolling out on the Chrome OS Dev channel.

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Chrome Developer channel 53 rolling out to ASUS Chromebook Flip now, Play Store in tow

Have a Chromebook Flip? Get it on the developer channel ASAP - the Play Store update is rolling out now. I've had very little chance to mess with it, but the apps I have used (Hangouts, Maps, Search, the Play Store) all seem to run pretty well. Funnily, the Play Store still allowed to install Google Now Launcher... but you can't change the launcher, since the launcher is the windowed app mode.

I haven't tried any games yet, and a number of apps you might want - like Google+ or Talon for Twitter - are marked incompatible at this time. The developers will likely need to account for the hardware capabilities of the Flip and other Chromebooks (specifically, the things it lacks) and be sure to tailor their apps to devices without certain features down the road.

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Chrome Dev 48 Rolls Out With Early Bluetooth Web API Support On Chrome OS Dev Channel And Android Marshmallow

Google's Chrome development team regularly implements new APIs to extend the possibilities for web apps to behave more like their native counterparts. The most recent addition to the Chrome dev channel allows web developers to use Bluetooth to communicate with nearby hardware. This could be used for things like an online fitness tracker that gets data from a heart rate monitor or for a controller to drive a Sphero, all without installing a native app.

These things are possible with the new Web Bluetooth API. Still in the early stages of development, this allows a web application to query for Bluetooth devices based on their capabilities, then pass messages back and forth with little or no friction.

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Chrome OS Dev Channel Gets Experimental MTP Write Support For Manipulating Data On Attached Mobile Devices

About four or five months ago, I got my Acer Chromebook 13, the second Chromebook I've owned. The first was the original Samsung Chromebook, which was more of a "test" device for me - something to get more familiar with Chrome OS, but it definitely didn't have the chops to be my daily driver. After getting the Acer, however, I realized that I basically stopped using my Windows laptop completely. In fact, I sold it a few weeks ago. I'm committed to Chrome OS at this point. (I still have a Windows desktop though, for those who are inevitably going to ask in the comments.)

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