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Google Assistant coming to all Chromebooks in Canary channel

Right now, the Pixelbook is the only Chrome OS device with Google Assistant. Google said the feature would come to other models at some point, but progress seems to be slow. More evidence appeared in August that proved Assistant was still being worked on, and now it has finally gone live in the Canary channel.

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Chrome OS Canary brings Android 9 Pie to the Pixelbook

The Android subsystem has become an increasingly important part of Chrome OS, but it's still based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Some of the improvements in Oreo and Pie would be highly-beneficial for Chromebooks, like Picture-in-Picture, the updated emoji set, Vulkan 1.1, and mouse capturing. Now it seems Google is updating the Android subsystem straight to 9.0 Pie, skipping Oreo entirely.

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Chrome OS will soon be able to mount SMB network shares natively

Server Message Block, or SMB for short, is a popular way to share files over a local network. It has been built into Windows for decades, and the open-source Samba implementation is used on macOS and many Linux distributions. If you've connected to a computer or printer over a network before, you've probably used SMB.

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Google adds Android-like power menu to Chrome OS Canary

Over the past few months, Google has been making Chrome OS more touch screen-friendly. The virtual keyboard has been tweaked, pull-to-refresh has been added, and the file manager works much better on touchscreens. Another change has arrived in the Canary channel - a power menu that looks remarkably similar to Android's.

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Chrome OS Canary will default to floating virtual keyboard

Over on Google+, "Chromium evangelist" François Beaufort announced that Chrome OS, starting with Canary builds, will default to a floating virtual keyboard. This means that typing onscreen will, theoretically, be easier going forward as Google's desktop OS continues to expand its scope.

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